Agent Clay

Three police officers had attempted to arrest a mid-level boss in the Falcone Crime Syndicate. They had managed to produce a warrant, and had, in fact, gathered substantial evidence against the figure. Joe Chill had been drinking his usual when the incident happened. Unfortunately for Detectives Bullock, Montoya, and Gordon, he had backup. Cops. The three had been overwhelmed, beaten to a pulp, and sent running. Their evidence was likely at the bottom of Gotham Harbor.

This hadn't been the first time the three had tried something like this. They were idealists, trying to be honest cops, decent people. It didn't work in Gotham. They were only permitted to live because frankly, it amused the Mob to keep them alive. They couldn't do any damage the way things were.

As for Mr. Al Ghul...Hagen's contacts come up mostly blank. He had owned several oil fields in Saudi Arabia, a tech startup in Israel, and a pair of research institutes in Jordan. There wasn't much else on him.