Katherine is quiet as Gordon speaks. The bruises, the voice, the dedication - they're all just a bit too much like some of the people in her memories. For a moment what the man sounds too familiar to the farewell speech she heard so long ago, and it's a bit too strong. Politics. Jimmy hated politics. It didn't take them long to shut him up. You want your daughter to see you end up like Jimmy? You're probably the most goddamn noble of us, and I know you don't want that."

Katherine slowly lowers herself to the chair with her stick, punctuated with a invitation for her leg to go have intercourse with itself as she sits down. Looking around, she saw quite a few other cops looking at them - the two most dangerous deadbeats at the same table was a curiosity - but none seemed to be in earshot. She still kept her voice low and quick. She spent too long at his table and people would get suspicious. Just get to the point.

"Gordon, Jimmy was goddamn good police, understand? He got more men than you, no matter what he did to do that. And they threw him away like some piece of trash." The last words rose to a snarl and drew additional glances: Katherine modified her voice in response. "I know you have some good information. Let me have it. I want to nail Carmine, and I know how to do it."

Those were probably the wrong words. Even if the book was battered, burned and thrown to the side here, Gordon still obeyed it. She started again. "I know Benito. I know Major. I know Morgan. Unlike you, Gordon, I collected a few favors. You'd be the damned best police here if you'd just relax a bit. " She gazed at him under angry eyes. "But I don't want you involved. I can bring him in, but I'm going to be the one to bring him in, understand? I can call in my favors. And who knows? Maybe you'll get to say those magic words of yours to her.