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    Agent Clay

    The other end of the phone went dead. Hagen gently pulled the phone from his "ear;" it had stuck to his head, and receiver made a wet sucking sound as it left it. Well, that was an interesting tidbit of info... he'd thank Hassad for it later.

    R'as Al-Ghul...

    Hagen distrusted big business and the greed that it bred, and he hated them more than he did Falcone and the mob. You always knew what you were dealing with with them. They were petty criminals with big guns in nice suits. But the corporations... you never knew what they had their hands in. Political manipulation. Warmongering. Terrorism. Dangerous science. Their power and their mask of legitimacy made them a threat far beyond anything the mob could ever be.

    And Wayne Enterprises was huge in Gotham. Yes, what happened at The Signal warranted follow-up, but this Al-Ghul fellow had to be checked up on. A high tech shipment coming in... this could be interesting.

    Too bad Hassad hadn't been clear on exactly which Pier it would be at... Pier Thirty Seven or Thirty Nine. Well, the night was young, he could hit them both, starting with Thirty Seven.

    Hagen's face and body rippled and changed: his face, ordinary; his clothes, plain. It'd be the first of many skins he'd wear tonight.

    He left through a window, stage right, heading toward the Pier.
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