Katherine's not sure why Chill's suddenly so doozy, or why all his guards are right now shooting at someplace that is not her, but she's not going to waste such a opportunity.

Dashing like a madwoman, the cop breaks cover and grabs Chill around the throat with her elbow, dragging him along and using him to protect her body from the guns of his bodyguards. As she tightens her grip along his windpipe so he's gasping, she snarls next to his ear. "Chill, call off your goons or I'll snap your goddamn neck. Your choice."


Grappling Chill, and drawing gun if possible.
Grapple (1d20+11)[27] (+8 for attack bonus, + 2 for Sneak attack, + 1 for strength mod)
Intimidate, (1d20+5)[22]