Update 39

[Happy Amakirr]

Babysitting Kaela while other people fight the apocalypse.

[Turtle Brightember / Darcy Diavolo]

OOC it was revealed that Darcy Diavolo is really Turtle Brightember, spying on AMEN on behalf of Watchtower. Mostly she has just watched and passed on information telepathically, trying to maintain her cover, though she has acted a few times. She was prepared to blow her cover to save Abigail, if it had been necessary, but was glad it was not. She murdered her own clones to avoid them growing into adults and revealing her identity. She made sure Reinholdt escaped from AMEN's clutches at Lethargia. And after Tobias's suicide, when Jack announced he was going to murder Quinn and Jamie, she first tried to warn GLoG by phone, and then went there herself.

After the attack of Mortal Coil, Gordon announced there was a mole in their midst, so Turtle knows her days are numbered. A rational person would just disappear from AMEN and let them search for the non-existent "Darcy" in peace. Turtle is not a very rational person.

[Peter Raven] / [Ingileifr of the Western Peaks / George Shackleton]
Zephyr Isle

George summoned the end bringers, managing to channel Thor for a while as he attempted to hold them in place, but eventually it was too much for his human mind and he collapsed. Raven and Ingi did combatty stuff. Now Raven is healing people and Ingi is following Magtok after Cynthia.

[Sunny Evans]

Still working on fighting robot designs, as well as trying to design methods of attacking the Glass Citadel.

[Charity Evans]

Got caught up in the Apocalypse at GLoG when Edijar came to hang out with her, deciding the end of the world was a good time to make up with Tobias and Quinn. Jamie decided to use her special Awkward Question attack to ask when they were getting married, but both of them have decided they are happy the way they are. When a ticking box was found, Edijar took it through a portal to their home and opened it, finding out it was only a prank. She's now back at home with Edijar.

[Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War]

Followed Kal to his date with Ilpholin and Becky, but didn't seem too bothered by it. Was questioned by a devil who seemed to want to know about her parents, so she made up answers and avoided being murdered. Once the apocalypse started, she and Kal and Mark went back to Watchtower, accompanied by a portal stowaway Eldritch Kitteh, to check on the Iron Queen, only to find she was already up and about. The Queen blocked off one of the temportal attacks, then gave Kal a kiss of inspiration and a magic brooch and ordered him to finish off the rest. Then she put a hand on Decker's head and accidentally blessed/cursed her with immortality. Not that she or Decker or anyone in the room, except possibly Keram, recognized that's what happened.

Right now, Decker is helping people break into DC and KR's labs.


Babysitting Phoenix at the GLoG infirmary.


Made up with Caroline - maybe. Agreed to find and train a wolf mount for Dipsnig, but had to leave early on the grounds that ZOMG END OF THE WORLD! Is watching Fluffy fight a giant tree.

Her plot clone is in Inside trying to help Fluffy make friends with Sarah the dragon. It's not going very well.

[Basil Oscar Tia Acacia Vasilisa Cecily Jedwiga Ghavrion Ostari Elves Winslow Warwick Hannah Snow Mainframe Charity Evans Elias Larmette Dr Ferris Fitzhenry and Molly]

Idle. Doing stuff offscreen.