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Tokyo, in June through July of 2008.

Yep. JUMP gets all the big stuff. FMA is the biggest non-JUMP competition as I see it. Anywho, One Piece. Anyone think 3DX2Y will turn into a Shippuden, or will they keep the name the same?
When did Death Note come out? I had thought it was earlier than that, since that's when you'd expect to see all the swag

Well, that depends, I think. K-On set some sort of record for DVD sales, didn't it? And shows like Gundam have 30+ years behind them. It's tough to judge what's super-popular over in Japan, because there are a lot of different metrics- DVD sales, fans talking about them, figure sales (hell, going by that, Nanoha and Fate/Stay Night are up there).

But I'm rambling. I highly doubt Oda will change the name of the manga, but the Anime might do it. Given that they'll probably do some filler leading up to if not during the timeskip*, they should have time to see where Oda's taking the manga by the time they've got to rebrand the show. If they do change it, One Piece: New World would be my guess.

*Though I'm sure they won't do it the way Naruto did. I actually heard the reason they rebranded post-timeskip Naruto as Shippuden was because they'd lost so many fans with all the filler, and had to signal to them that they were done with the crap.