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I liked every arc except the one with the desert kingdom and crocodile. Ok, so once we actually got to crocodile, things were interesting again, but up until that point it was so emo I just couldn't take it.

I actually stopped reading there, and didn't pick it back up until a friend of mine insisted that it got better.
really? the alabasta arc was one of my favorites. once you hit sandy island. it becomes epic. crocodile is one of the best one piece villians. there is much manipulative bastardy. and some very awesome battles.

Thriller bark and skypeia arcs both bored me. almost left the series slogging through thriller bark. Their main villians just didn't do it for me and the motivations were generic villiany.
Seriously? making a super zombie army (with luffy as the crown piece when it was shown that oars Jr was fodder to the marines). and enel saying i am god this islands existance is an eye sore. yeah how much more generic can you get
then Sabaody went up and bam! then it was epic chapter after chapter till the latest break.

i rank the arcs:
Sabaody arc
Marineford arc
Impel Down arc
Alabasta arc
Arlong Arc
Water 7 arc
Skypeia Arc
other East Blue arcs
Thriller bark arc
Davy back fight arc