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Water 7 is another favorite of mine. Very cool characters, and finally the rest of the Straw Hats actually got to do something.
Zolo calling Luffy out over Usopp at the end was my favorite bit. I kept sitting there thinking, "Wait, doesn't it kinda invalidate this whole since you're basically giving Luffy an ultimatum?" Favorite arc has to be Impel Down, simply for the pure awesome crazy.

As for the time skip, I think we'll get a chapter or two more of Luffy training, then go right back to them all meeting up. Luffy punches the same Celestial Dragon again, they all go roaring off, come across some bastard crew that needs to be put down, and each whips out some new technique based on what they learned. Its much more the One Piece way. Though Chopper will be taller.