Okay, after reading several discussions like this, I've come to a conclusion:

Most people don't give enough credit to all the crazy **** going on in the Real World.

Humans have survived from having iron bars shot through their skulls, aeroplane crashes against mountainsides, falling from terminal velocity and having been drowned for hours. In the past, not only did men face dangerous beasts with little to no equipment, they were expected to in order to count as adults.

The fact that any of us are here is testament to craziness of humanity, and by extent, the real world.

I can't honestly believe people keep bitching about imaginary warriors surviving a few sword blows, when there have been people who've crawled through frozen steppes with their legs cut or climbed sheer cliffs after being shot full of bullets.

Even ordinary life defies common sense to the point that many people find it necessary to explain things away with ghosts, aliens, mass hypnosis or a variety of forum-unfriendly subjects, why is it such a sore spot that a game about heroic warriors contains unlikely survivals from time to time?