Heres a few.

Odd one out.
(About a CG Pirate in a party of LN, CE and LE characters)

It was getting bright, at the end of the tunnel there was what we assumed to be the prize. The artifact that Dayora wanted to destroy, she told us that only she could do it. Beasts and monsters had stood in our way but now me and my riotous allies near the goal.

"Hey Will, what do ya think the artifact is?"
"Hmm.... something powerful obviously." Said the bearded mage.
"Maaaan I hope the big boss man uses it against us I meen that would be FUN!"
"Rered, remember what we said about fights?" Asked the paladin.
"....If I say yes will you keep talking?"
"RERED! Please, we need the element of surprise!"

As we near the the door William tells us to stand back, he then turns into a black dragon, not sure why he would do that. Copper is much better color but whatever, he's the smart guy he knows what he's doing. The door melts away with his corrosive breath, we all storm in to find....

A blue orb.

"YES YES I KNEW IT!" Yells William who at this point is human once more.
Touching it his eyes widen and he flees.
"What's wrong with him?" I ask as I touch the blue orb.
"WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMBER!" Suddenly a GIANT BLUE DRAGON pops up in front of me, it's breathing lightning and has a aura of impossible power!
"Oh I'm Rered Naw, CAPTAIN of the S.S.Silver" The dragon was kinda surprised and I don't blame it I mean I am Famous, to meet some one like me has got to be a shock right?

Then everything went dark.

William and the orb.
(William is also a warlock, LE.)

The idiot was easy to lie to, easy to manipulate but his power. It was disturbing. Rered was a strange case, was clearly a fighter yet he had the blessing of Kord. Immune to poisons and completely fearless in every sense of the word the boy was a enigma. If it weren't for the fact that Rered was a complete idiot then he would be a threat.

For the time being Rered was useful, he was the face of the group, a charismatic power house with blessings from his god which he was IGNORANT ABOUT! How does one gain power without even knowing about it! It reminded him of the time that Rered was given a wish but being the idiot he was he didn't hear. Months later in the desert he had accidentally used his wish.

"I wish you would leave me alone you stupid camel."

The camel was never seen again.

But now, now was when Rered would be most useful, if he completed this task then I would have no use for him any longer! I could dispose of him! The blue orb, so close! The blue dragon orb! It's power finally mine! THESE IDIOTS COULD BURN IN HELL! Even Rober the death knight could go suck it! I no longer have to be content with these IDIOTS!

"WHO DISTURBS M-" I was too afraid, as I touched the orb I felt only the urge to flee, it was too powerful it was too... why am I running? As I turn around I see that no one had followed me and THAT IDIOT was moving to touch the orb. Let him, he was a chaotic good soul, the orb was lawful evil, he would be utterly destroyed.

But then the unthinkable happened. Rered changed, he was now blue, he was now more draconian.

"Hey guys, I just beat this dragon in a battle of wills so what's going on? All the mind play got me thirsty, I'm gonna go to a bar." Then he teleported.