Let's Play Labyrinth of Touhou Plus Disk - Chapter 4


This is...

Whee! It's like Rumia's flying!

How can you be so happy in a place like this?!

Because it's fun, silly!

We're standing on nothing! It's like we're lost in space! How exciting!

I'd feel more excited if I we're losing my lunch from this bizarre orientation...

Whoa! Check it out! The walls here are like bubbles that we can pass through at any time!

Well, that's certainly a strange design for a dungeon. So we can just jump in wherever we feel like? It can't be this simple...

Well, why not? It's about time Mister Dungeon was nice to us! This'll be easy!

No, it's never this easy. All along, this place (and our teammates) has been nothing but trouble, and I can't see how this floor will be any different.

Is that so? Well, do try to take it easy, Miss Paranoia!

I'm telling you, nothing good can come of meddling in forces we do not understand. Especially for lowly stage 1 bosses like us.

Ooh, let's poke through here!

Hey, stop dragging the entire party along with your whims! We're all stuck as one unit while exploring, you know.

Aww...once we get into the tunnel, we're stuck.

See? This is why we shouldn't act without thinking. Looks like we'll just have to follow this path back to the start again.


So entering the visible path is a one-way action...it's almost like a maze within a maze here.

A doublemaze!

Sure, whatever you say...

Ooh! We found a shiny circle!

Careful, that's a teleporter. It'll probably lead us to another section of this maze. Let's slowly step on it together and-


Whaaa!!! We're floating in total nothingness!

Whoa, this is bizarre. Not a single thing in sight! Where are we even suppose to go?

Just pick any direction?

But there are no more visible paths to mark where we can or cannot go. We can't even see where we've been! This is the stupidest maze ever: a maze with no walls at all!

But it's still effective...Rumia's totally lost!

What are we suppose to do, comb every inch of this desolate emptiness?


...Fine. Let's start walking.

Are we there yet?


Are we there yet?

The answer is still no.

Are we there yet?

I don't even know where "there" is!

Are we th- Ooh, baddies!

No. Wait, I mean yes.

Can Rumia eat them?

Something tells me you wouldn't want to eat the glowing green men from another dimension.

*Burp* What were you saying?

*sigh* Nevermind...

It's great how much more edible the baddies on this floor are!

I'm curious, why don't you show such enthusiasm for snacking on the humans we have with us?

Ooh, Rumia knows not to eat friends. What did you take Rumia for, a manju bun?

I have no idea how to answer that question.

We've been walking for ages! Rumia's exhaused! Are we th-

No! And stop asking!

Actually, I think we are.

Well, that's just preposter-

I hate you.

Aww, thanks. Rumia loves you too.

What a wonderful world you must live in...

~ Wriggle Nightbug

~ Rumia

No boss fight this time. Just a very strange and unique floor.

Wriggle is a very underrated character whose contribution to battle often goes unnoticed. Poison damage can't be seen or measured easily, so most players tend to ignore it completely, or assume that other characters like Komachi and Yuugi can cause decent enough poison effects on their own. In reality, poison damage varies drastically depending on who causes it, as each character has their own PSN effect strength. Wriggle's is by far the best in the game, boasting a PSN effect of 3 to 4 times as high as most other characters can manage. Extremely few bosses in the game can resist poison as well, surprisingly enough. The damage is most significant in the early game, where your lower SPD stats mean much more time in between turns for poison to do its work. At endgame, though, very few tics pass between turns, making poison damage much less useful. So while Wriggle's poison damage is actually remarkably strong in the main game, during the Plus Disk her damage output is much less impressive. Still, she does fill one more role: backup tanking. Wriggle's HP and defenses aren't that bad, and since most of her damage comes from poison, which only increases with the user's level and not their ATK/MAG, Wriggle is free to spend all her resources on raising her defenses. She also has some of the best natural status resistances in the game for all status effects, giving her excellent survivability in boss fights when outfitted properly.

Rumia is very fragile and not too fast, but levels up at a remarkably high rate. To most people's surprise, Moonlight Ray has a ridiculously powerful damage formula, easily dwarfing other nuke-level spells like KO in Three Steps, Silent Selene, and Fujiyama Volcano. Unfortunately, Rumia's MAG growth isn't very good, but the formula still makes her a capable MYS damage dealer. Her most useful spell for my team, though, was Demarcation. In the early game, it's a pretty disappointing healing spell that barely recovers much HP at all, although it does cleanse all stat down effects. But if you concentrate on leveling up her MAG and use someone to boost her MAG further, such as Keine, Iku, or Ran, then Rumia can actually become a pretty good healer. While she's slower than Reimu, Demarcation still has much less delay and a way lower SP cost than Exorcising Barrier, making it a decent healing spell for spamming turn after turn if you choose to leave her out. And of course, unlike Reimu, Rumia can still spend her free turns nuking with Moonlight Ray for amazing damage (for a healer). She may take effort and patience to use well, but come late-game Rumia becomes a startlingly useful character who can both attack and heal.