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Maybe so, but he isn't necisarilly Japanese. And I think Oda said that all the crew weren't Japanese. Go to the trivia page on the individual people. According to the trivia section (which gets its stuff from the SBS) Luffy wold be Brazillian if he was a real person. So yeah.
Well, whattayaknow, the average height for Brazilians is the same of the Japanese. So, hey, same thing.

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All CP9 members are various flavors of evil. I'd say Lucci is pretty clearly Neutral Evil, with that wolf guy and maybe Spandam as Chaotic Evil, while the rest seemd pretty Lawful.

Granted, they aren't the same baby-eating Eeevil than Akainu or Don Flamingo, but I think their generally cruel, callous and sadistic personalities are enough to put E at the end of each one's alignment.
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I'm thinking Kaku might be LN, but is a giant jerk. What about the Straw-Hats? Varying Good or Neutral?
Well, this is as their original versions, not the recently reformed pirate crew which we saw in those silent stories on the covers?

Now that I think about it and look

Kaku: CN. He does everything for the fun of it. Yes, he is also a government agent.
Blueno: LE. He is the only one who really is a godless killing machine.
Kumadori: LN. He loves the samurai code, and follows his rules pretty well.
Lucci: NE. Sadistic and cruel, he fits this pretty well. He is one of the NE people who isn't motivated by greed, just sadism and serving the government.
Jyabura: NE. He is a jerk. Plain and simple.
Spandam: CE.
Kaifa: Ehhh, LE.

I'll do the Straw Hats later...