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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn183 View Post
    The key is that once she got her town back she kept on stealing, and with no guilt about it. We're also not talking about petty change here. Lastly, what is she doing right now? We just got more evidence of her robbing people blind.

    Sure, if you can tug on her heart strings, Nami will help you. That's really not a big deal. I encourage you to look at Rich's articles on gaming, in particular about how evil characters can still have friends, etc.
    the thing is what has she really stolen since joining the straw hats?

    She has stolen every wallet from the people of her village which they all seem to not have a problem with espcially since she left them 90+ million beries to them all.

    She stole from the bounter hunters which were trying to kill them.

    the whole group grabbed tons of treasure from a sepents belly in skypeia.

    they also found the treasure that perona placed on their ship.

    unless I am missing some time where she steals from a non evil group. I don't think you can really place her as CE. She is at worst CN and at best CG

    edit: reading comprehension fail. anyway yeah the latest one used for her escape is rather bad. so i could see that being going off more to CE side. she did return but for a more self serving reason so taht doesn't help.
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