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Chapter 3 - Part 1

John is woken in the morning by the sound of a trumpet over a loudspeaker. He groans a little, not really wanting to get up at all. Slowly, he crawls out of his sleeping bag, pulls on some clothes, and steps out of his tent.

Most of the people at the site were at about the same level of alertness as he was. Then, there were a few people like Pete. Pete was already doing laps around the site, a huge grin across his face. He waved when he saw John and ran over to him.

"Morning sunshine!"

John gives a grumble in response. Pete laughs. "Aw, come on man! Today's the day we start training!"

The two started walking to the main pavilion for breakfast. Most of the Silver Creek site was with them.

Breakfast today was eggs and toast. John eyed them suspiciously.

Pete chuckled. "Come on. They can't be worse than what they pass for eggs at school." John couldn't argue with that. So, he takes a bite, and finds that they're actually pretty good.

Once finished, the campers lined up at the main building to get their schedules. John and Pete looked over theirs.

"'Form-Shifting' first then. Over at the Pioneering area." John checks the map to see where that is.

"Wonder what that's normally used for." Pete leads the way down the road, back towards the main entrance.