A scene from my current campaign featuring a completely mundane activity. It's just the juxtaposition between our having killed someone the previous night and our soon-to-be spelunking adventure that made it stand out to me. I dare say it's almost Tarantino-esque.

The sun was rising in the City of Towers. Gar, too, raised his stout, Dwarven frame out of bed. The inn's choice in mattresses was not to his liking. There was much to consider. The night before, he and a ragtag collection of bystanders confronted a murderous Warforged--they killed it, but in doing so, may very well have plunged themselves into the web of plots and gambits that was Breland house politics. Maybe this was a good thing. Maybe this meant high adventure, fame, and fortune. Maybe his life was in danger.

But all that could wait until breakfast was done.

Now awake and making his way down the stairs to the inn's common room, he found his companions from the previous night. Leskar, the human Barbarian, Caleb, the human Swordsage, Rin, the Paragenasi Druid, and Kellor, the Elf Wizard were sitting on one side of a table. On the other side were a human woman in a dark blue cloak and what was most like likely her bodyguard. Gar pulled up a seat on his companions' side.

"I am Elaydren d'Vown of House Cannith," the lady introduced herself. Before she could exposit further, the inn mistress, a halfling, served up the breakfast portion of the 'bed and breakfast' advertised outside: a waffle and a sausage.

Kellor frowned and pushed the sausage on his plate aside. "I don't eat sausages."

Everyone turned silent. Gar, far from being the only one, raised an eyebrow at Kellor's seemingly peculiar dietary choice and began contemplating what exactly he meant.

Any attempts at over-thinking the situation were nullified when Kellor added, "You don't know what they're made of. They could be rat meat as far as we know."

With that, the soundproof veil that had fallen over the party disappeared. "Eh, if you're not gonna eat it, I will." Leskar reached his fork across the table and stabbed the sausage to take it back to his own plate.

Gar shrugged. "Long as it tastes good, I'll eat it."

Lady Elaydren sighed impatiently and massaged her temples in irritation. "Can we get on with your mission already?"