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    Default Re: Avatar Battle Royale Discussion Thread XXXIII - "1 Plot, 2 Plot, Dead Plot, New P

    I suppose I might as well get an early start making the archive for this...

    Avatar Battle Royale Corps Archive

    First Hero
    Who read the manual anymore?
    Her parent seems to be taking it rather well
    Empty Space
    This would be a very weird prank
    An introduction
    Meh. I've heard better names
    Brace for impact
    The Lantern Signal
    Damn you, forced plot progression!
    Lucky he went to the abandoned town for some reason
    Torn Apart
    Mental Weird
    The Blunderforce!
    I don't Ring that way
    This guy's pretty generous
    The gift that keeps on giving
    Will somebody please accept this Will?
    Follow the light
    These guys don't look too nice
    What a fwuffhy wittle guy!
    Who puts a ring of power in a museum?
    He was angry at how damn small the text is! It's impossible to read!
    Adorable but deadly

    Chapter 1: Introduction Crisis
    Let us tell you a story...
    ...of a bunch of super-powered weirdos

    That doesn't fit into inter-office relation protocol!
    Prepare for invasion
    Come and play too!
    Not too far off
    Spike trap
    Adding "El" and "O" doesn't make him Mexican
    Flashy therapy
    I think he's in the wrong base
    We're gonna have to cover it with a carpet or something
    What a friggen downer! Yeesh!
    They have gender confusion where she comes from, though
    Yeah, denim powers aren't really as awesome as they sound
    Meh. That character has been dead for YEARS
    Because apperently a wall of spikes only rips wings off. Yeah.
    Help our ally? PFFFFT.
    Out of misery
    You're Nuts!
    Dead Lantern Walking
    That doesn't look good.
    Wheels on the bus go "meh"
    Punch the reset button
    Return to square one
    Maybe it's just a cat-nap? Or elf-nap?
    Stealing theif who steals
    And he can go back to sleeping on grass
    Lantern? Lantern?! LAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEERN!
    a mokery you heer me a moker of al t held dear
    A question that sums up all ABR
    Huh? Introductions have been done for a WHILE
    Maybe one of them could produce a blue light straitjacket for him

    Chapter 2: Not-So-Secret Invasion
    Awesome Powerfloat
    Guaranteed to make you lose 30 dignitys withen the first week!
    That's kinda CREEP-Y!
    Falling. In. SPAAAAAAACE!
    NOT again! its a mokery
    Naw. He's just like that
    That chair looks like it's a bitch to move around, though
    Noise complaint! MHUA HA HAAAA!
    Give him a while to practise his lines
    My ceiling sense is tingling
    Uhh...Put it on my tab?
    Good question
    Actually, never mind. That was a STUPID question
    Or Facebook. Or Carebears.
    Beggers can't be choosers
    Yo momma so fat, when SHE was browsing the archives and tried to click on a comic, she clicked on EVERY comic!
    Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Reading the archives! What right do you have to judge my brother in that movie? &^%$# you, fanboys!
    Good to know, now do it!
    Bulk Get Smashed!
    Who were you expecting? Count Dracula? Seriously. Who writes these titles?...
    Let's play!
    At this rate that ship will have more holes than swiss cheese!
    Psychotic murder is not a game!
    It could've been worse. He could've called you a whiny butt-face.
    There seems to be a slight misunderstanding
    Looks like he's gonna pay for ripping her wings off with a spike wall!
    Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids!
    Evil vs. Evil!
    When an unstoppable force meets an annoying object
    Heartless jerk
    Don't you hate friends who can't pay the bill?
    Loading screen crash!
    ABR Paint Adventures!
    Ye olde butcherede englishe striketh again, mortal!
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