I remember reading this comic up until about halfway through the Dominic and Lady Go on Holiday arc and being distinctly apathetic about it.
And seeing as I have a lot of time on my hands for the next . . . two weeks I've decided to go back and reread it from the start.

I can't truly recall a thing about this comic, but I'm already inclined to snark. Cue crazy analysis.

The beginning looks like a simple gag-a-day type thing. It's okay, even though Deegan's scarf remind me very much of Tom Baker's stint as the Doctor.
The art is . . . meh. And as early as the third panel of this strip I think I'm seeing misuse of anime-esque art. Is StuntBumper (I can't tell them apart) blushing?
As in the romantic type blushing? Not to mention Stunt (Bumper is for brown hair) seems to be responding to the blush with one of his own.
Bumper's eyes also seem to be in a 'bashful' look, if you know what I mean, as if shy about telling his 'friend' his thoughts.
Is there some sexual relationship between the two I haven't quite picked up on yet?
The first time we see this blush is on Siggy when he's embarrassed about asking the seer about the outcome of a fight, and then when he's angry. These emotions seem to be the main blushy ones.
And then we get the coy, romantic blush panel. I call romance. It's the eyes, combined with the blush and that weird smile.
And in the next few strips when these two boys are alone at night they're permanently blushing too! Unresolved sexual tension!

Plus, why does Lady Travoria have fangs in the third panel? And they're sticking out of her iawbone into her lips.

Deegan's okay. Fairly nice, pragmatic.
Siggy's cool. I like him, despite what he does when he sees Lun'a uncovered face. (So did her mum have her fangs removed? Are they ghost fangs?) But you can see why he does it, despite the hypocrisy with his previous speech.
The thieves are fun. Don't know why they're still obsessed with Deegan though. But Deegan and Bumper look very similar. I'm inclined to call this bad art; but really, why not make it so that Bumper is Deegan's long-lost sibling. Bumper also seems the most empathic of the two so far.
Luna. Is going to kill herself. Because of a couple of insults. Okay, I'm going to assume it's been a lifetime of insults over fangs. But if her mother has ghost fangs, she can get hers removed too. Iust get them pulled girl! She isn't even a one-dimensional character. And her mother's a witch! Magic them away.

The comic started in May 2002, I'm on Iuly (my iay key is broken, hence the 'i's) 17th 2002 and I'm already deeply entrenched on the snark side.

Name: Curly
Started reading: From the beginning, having read it once two or three years ago.
Joined GitP thread: Lurked on and off before posting this.
Starting disposition: Inclined to snark from dim remembrances of the comic.
Time to convert: It's stupid, the art is poor, but the characters are okay. It's mediocre at best. From my initial read through I found later arcs to be terrible to duller than dishwater and quit. Rapidly approaching epic snark.
Current stance: I'm only rereading this webcomic because of these threads.

Oh, and apologies for going waaaay back to the beginning to begin my overly thorough analysis; I could have read through silently until the later arcs, but from my lurking off and on these past few months I feared an epic post of outrage.