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Those aren't fangs; Lady Travoria is meant to be a wrinkled prune. Luna's tusks aren't hereditary. I won't spoil the reason why Luna has tusks, but it's fair to say that the given reason is an... ...outrage.
But they look exactly like Luna's fangs. If they're meant to be wrinkles, talk about unfortunate shaping and placement of lines.

18th Iuly 2002 - 04/12/2002

Bad puns. And yet more blushing! Furthmore, cheekbones do not like like that. And neither do fingers unless they're broken. And I see Siggy's got a bit of a by-the-book-and-word nature going on.
Aaaaaaand he's dressed in black.
Is he going to become an extremely anti-villain or straight out villain in a few hundred pages?
Luna's still an idiot. Three days, two suicide attempts. Still one-dimensional.
And now Deegan's giving me the heebie-ieebies. In this comic Deegan is blushing. Given the comic's precedence so far this means: he is angry, embarrassed or sexually attracted/in love with Luna. He doesn't look angry or embarrassed, merely content. And they've known each other maybe half an hour, so no romance.
This leaves only sexual attraction. And given that he's in bed . . .looking content and red . . . eeewwwww. Of course, given panel one it could also be Croona or Sigg giving him uncomfortable thoughts, but given what Deegan knows of Croona, and that Siggy beat him senseless, I'm opting for Luna. Unless Deegan has a violence kink.

Welp, as of 06/06/2002 I call Deegan/Luna. Also, I'd like to note they've known each other maybe a day. And the romance blushes are in full force. So no friendship for kooky seer then. Iust teh sexytahms.
This shows Deegan's interactions with anyone are severely limited (and the last panel here proves he's also anti-social; and here which proves him to be a pessimist) This gives me serious doubts as to how he'll intereact with anyone at all in the comic. And giventhis last panel of this comic, he is now officially creeping me out. I'm guessing Deegan has never had any sort of sexual interest before now. Ever.
On the plus side, he's at least got an intellectual interest in her too.
This though, further deepens my suspicions that Deegan has some serious personal and social issues. He's pervy (see 09/09/2002), anti-social, and unwilling to get involved in any activity unless he knows it'll be a success. This means he probbaly has an inflated ego and sense of self-worth. A megalomaniacal seer is probably on the cards.
Yes, this comic has been running for four months, and I'm already sure that Deegan is socially, and perhaps mentally unstable. Not to mention he's willing to ask out an emotionally and phsychologically damaged woman. And he's a seer. People come to him to ask him what to do. I think he has control issues, and this thing with Luna (although it is founded on some actual attraction - even though it may be his only experience with it - will turn out badly for Luna. She's already submissive, and emotional torture and blackmail could keep her in line very easily. Deegan may have good intentions, he trusts her to assist him, but I can see bad things on the horizon.
Oh, and the art shift in second sight from blurry-vision to glassy eyes is okay. I prefer it over blurry-vision, but his pupils expand enormously.
And Bumper is the woman in his relationship with Stunt. And then we have confirmation. Bumper has been flirting with Stunt deliberately. Nice to see Luna has some guts though. She's finally shown another aspect of her personality, bringing it up to three: suicidal and mopey, smart, and is very good with magic.
Gregory is nine years old from his looks. But I have a dim recollection of him dating a woman. Is he ialbait? Seriously, look at that panel, Deegan is sitting down, with Gregory about half a head taller than him. This page, they're clearly standing up. And Gregory's still bigger than him. I'D LIKE SOME PERSPECTIVE PLEASE. Eh, must be the closeups in the first page.
And then we find out Stunt is a doorknob. Bumper, you deserve better than him. And yet, note how he's still blushing in that third panel, with the emphasis on "compassion". So we see what Bumper wants in a man.

The character design for the Sylvan Oracle remind me of something . . . oh yes, a mystical mage fairy from Ferngully. Oh boy.
In addition, Dirk is feeling up some teenagers. Eeeewwww. Even though he has the hots for his dryad friend. He's also one-dimensional, but still more interesting than Gregory, Luna and even Deegan. Dirk has actual emotions beyond apathy and fear for his kin. Unlike Deegan. This is yet another sign that could hint that Deegan has sociopathetic (and sociopathic) tendencies. This page also reinforces this by showing that Deegan's life is easy. If he wants it it comes to him with ease, all he has to do is wait. Such a life would lead to detachment from society as he wouldn't understand effort, or the need to work hard to get one's goal accomplished. He is a spoiled brat iust by being a seer.

And a last question for the night: is theblond Freddy Kreuger stand-in a boy or a girl? The art doesn't help at all. And I'm on 04/12/2002 here.

I like Spark, he's the most consistently funny character.

Yes, I'm writing mostly as a stream-of-analysis in chronological order unless previously mentioned theories are back up by another comic in the current batch.