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    Quote Originally Posted by CurlyKitGirl View Post
    But at this stage he's still being out-manoeuvered, so yes, I can see the Golden Age staus.
    Iust where abouts then did he hit the Silver Age?
    DD doesn't exactly map to analogs of the Comic Book ages; Dominic never punched out Hitler early on, and while there are superheroes in spandex I'd hardly call that DD's "Silver Age".

    If I were to assign ages to arcs, it would go like this (minor plot spoilers):

    • Golden Age: Start to Visions of Doom. The comic is rough but it's early days, we can forgive that. Dom isn't uber at this stage. Age ends with Greg going Super Sayian as a bad sign of future development.
    • Downfall of Golden Age: Ecstasy and Evil. The first WTF arc that started the earliest snarker (way before my time). The power levels are ratcheted up a few notches.
    • Silver Age: Hello Nurse, Storm of Souls. It's now more about the super powers and Dom becoming uber. Still decent life signs in the plot. Some people think the comic should have ended here.
    • Bronze Age: First Day, Battle for Barthis, War in Hell. The next big plot cycle. There's still some good plot here, but this age features some of the most notorious wall banger moments. It's here that the Keenspot forum turned snarky.
    • Iron Age: Two Thief. The last decent plot. The basic rule of DD is every arc past Two Thief is somehow worse in some way.
    • Ice Age: Class Action, Snowsong, Shadow of Siegfried, Oracle Hunter. The comic becomes increasingly silly and Dom becomes insufferably superior. Full of wallbangers. Snowsong is the moment when auxillary fan sites like this one turned snarky.
    • Dragon Age: Oh Snap, Around the World, Built to Resist. While plot and characterisation was bent in the Ice Age to allow silly plots, this was where it was jettisoned so the comic could float wherever whims would take it.
    • Orc (Outr)Age: March Across Maltak. Dragon Age with a plot that turned out to not be a plot. Backgrounds and settings were lost. This arc broke many people.
    • Lost Age: A Nimmel House to present. The current age of 2010 (possibly not including current arc). We've now lost the lead characters and nothing seems to have a point.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    When did the whole Stunt's head thing come about anyway?
    I'm not sure, save that 90% of people in Dominion look like Stunt. It's been a slay meme since forever.
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