Heh, that would be an interesting idea. Maybe an Archivist, a Wizard, and a Horizon Walker decide to travel the world, catalog its wildlife, and have wacky hijinks on the way.

Symbiotic Jelly
Yet another "spell on legs/slithering movement/whatever" hazard, the symbiotic jelly uses charm monster to get creatures to do its dirty work of getting food for it. That's...pretty much it, really.

Throat Leech
A leech that drains 1d3 Constitution damage a round until it gets so fat that it starts to suffocate its target. Is weak to fire damage. Eh.

Twilight Mushroom
A CR 7 hazard that deals Constitution damage and causes disabling choking and coughing fits upon being messed with. It's not really particularly interesting.


And that's that. This was fun, but now it's done, and now I must run.

...Okay, no. There's still two (sort of) appendices left, as well as my promise of returning to the demons and devils. So this thread isn't over yet!