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    Okay, I'm gonna try my hand at this. Most of these will be re-written elements of previous games, starting with an alternate Dragonlance history where a rather... different group recovered the Discs of Mishakal...

    The Kender of Infinite Capacity
    Although the details are better unknown...

    It has been a difficult time thought Sir Ebor, blowing air through his copious mustache as he sat at the campfire. War begins to spread across the land, and we are the land's only hope of returning the Gods to the world... He looked around. At the failed cleric turned gambler, the kender who identified himself only as Dimble ("Just Dimble!" he'd cheerily introduced himself), and at the mysterious red mage who had come to their aid against that thrice cursed Black Dragon. Paladine have mercy on the poor sods.

    Sir Ebor looked again at the Kender... it had been uncharacteristically well behaved for one of its thieving ilk, and he did not believe for one second the typical Kenderish lies of "Is this yours? Sorry, I completely forgot I had it" for a moment. Something was very wrong here, and he intended to discover what... after all, if those strange lizard creatures could masquerade as pilgrims, who knew what lies the Dark Queen could unleash?

    "DIMBLE!" he roared, his chestplate vibrating beneath the force of the cry. He was unafraid of people hearing him, for nothing could stand 'neath the blade of Paladine's chosen and live! Dimble daintily minced his way over to the fire. Something was definitely different. For a start, Kender generally do not mince, or flounce, or indeed do anything but strut. Sir Ebor became, if anything, more suspicious.

    "What" he growled, stressing each syllable "Are you doing?" The Kender, seemingly oblivious, if looking slightly pained, was a picture of innocence. But Sir Ebor was not convinced, even less so when Dimble's reply of "Nothing!" was of an even higher pitch than usual. Sir Ebor then realised, and the horror of such desecration almost made him faint. However, wrath triumphed over horror, and, without further ado, Sir Ebor bodily hauled the kender over to a nearby clearing...

    ...When he had retrieved the Disks of Mishakal from his "companion", he looked at them and almost fainted once more. While unharmed, he was not looking forward to explaining this to his fellow knights. Better not to mention it, he thought. Turning it over in his now grubby hands, he added ...especially not the sandwashing.

    EDIT: For those who worked out exactly what Dimble had done, yes, this actually happened in a game I ran... Don't ask.
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