Nakahiro is stunned for several seconds as his powers manifest for the first time, leaving him staring at his umbrella. By the time he has recovered, it's all over; the combined efforts of the students cleanse the hollow and release the spirit to the afterlife. The first thing Nakahiro sees is Mori Souta's face, a sight that leaves him shocked.

The...hollow...was Mori? Unbelievable. I hope he's in a better place, now.

Looking down at his still glowing body, Nakahiro concentrates for a few seconds and dismisses his powers. Feeling a little dizzy, he stumbles over to one of the walls, leans against it, then sinks down to the ground, closing his eyes in relief. Then he hears Valeria's coughing, but when he sees what's going on he doesn't immediately react as he is unsure of what to do.