Sayaka breathed a sigh of relief as the hollow was defeated. But she did not have time even to have this time to think. Ken was asking her to explain- and really she had a lot to explain. And a lot of questions of her own.

But she had gotten them involved in this somehow. Or it was at least her responsibility. She opened her mouth, a little uncertain where to start. But Kaito's voice of panic stopped her and she turned. With a horrible feeling, she saw Valeria collapsed. Coughing black smoke. Without another word Sayaka hurried over.

It could be something terrible- was Valeria going to die? Sayaka didn't know. The black smoke was tainted and foul, not unlike the hollow. But she had never heard of it to touch a living person. Sayaka helped Valeria to rest on her legs and put a comforting hand on her forehead and tried to keep her in a position to breathe.

"Easy... Please try to breathe normally. Try to calm yourself." She looked at Kaito and then to the others.
"...There is a lot to explain. But not here. I don't think I can heal Valeria. If it's a spiritual sickness, we must go to my father at the shrine."
Her expression was of concern and focus as she looked around.


Takara felt a very satisfied feeling from Erima, a kind of love of violence being fulfilled, but then stopped with the spiritual seal. Maybe for a youkai, such a talisman is always a thought of one's own mortality. So perhaps Erima was pondering briefly this fate.

But as Takara's control and unity with Erima lessened, she could feel the monstrous energy of the scarf a little more suffocating- less controlled and more free to revel in violence.

But Takara had known this feeling before, and as she patted the tsukumogami gently, suddenly Erima relented.

"Mmm... We did. Good job Takara."
Erima said, sounding quite childishly satisfied. If she was worried about anything, Takara could not tell.

The monstrous energy disappeared, and soon the scarf had shrunk and return to the normal pattern and length that Takara had worn her before. After a minute Erima spoke again.

"I-it....feels like you used a lot of my strength in that fight... More than normal..."
Erima said, sounding sleepy. One of the side effects of joining was that Takara and Erima's power was combined...but it always left Erima more drained than Takara. Maybe because the tsukumogami lent her strength to Takara?