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    Default WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!

    Hello all.
    This thread was designed by Lucky originally for the purposes of coordinating and maintaining all the werewolf games and variants. It has become a great tool for us. This is where you come to place a claim on running your own Werewolves or Werewolves variant game. It can also be used to develop ideas and gather interest for your own version of the game.
    Whatever you're looking for in regards to werewolf games should be found on this page.
    Maybe not in this post, but somewhere on this first page.
    Everything from start dates to active games, rules (and optional rules) to games archives can be found here along with tools designed to make your game run smoother.
    If there’s something useful you think is missing, mention it. We will immediately eventually spring lurch into action to sort it out.


    --How Players Should Use This Thread--
    • If you need to check the basic rules, they are in this post.
    • If you have a query about the general/basic rules, this is the place to ask. Questions about a specific edition/variant should be directed to the narrator.
    • If you want to know when a certain game is starting, the schedule is in the second post.
    • If someone mentions a past game which interests you, someone here may well remember it and be willing to elaborate. Or, you can check the archives.

    --Basic Game-Play Overview--
    The game is played in turns that consist of two different phases.
    There's a day phase that happens from dawn ‘til dusk in game. This period typically lasts 48 hours. During this time all the players try to decide who the bad guys are by voting for them. Votes are done in red text. You may change your vote if you wish, in which case, you should edit your previous post and strike-through your previous vote. Once the day has ended, whoever has the most votes is removed from the game (Lynched). In the event of a tie, common practice is to lynch whichever player reached that number of votes first.

    The 25% Rule: Part of the original rules, but not all narrators use it now. By this rule, a lynch only occurs if at least 25% of the players vote for the same person. If no 25% majority is reached, the mob cannot gather sufficient numbers to lynch anyone.
    Additionally, if a 50% majority is reached, day may optionally end early at that point, if the narrators want it to.

    Auto-lynches: If a player fails to vote for a certain number of day phases (Usually 2), they will be auto-lynched. If you will be unable to get online to post in your games for some period of time, you should notify the narrator(s) in advance, either in-thread or via PM.

    The next phase is the night phase, which lasts from dusk ‘til dawn. This phase typically lasts 24 hours. During this phase, anyone that has a special action to perform during that time does so via PM to the narrator(s). This is the phase of the game where the wolves would tell the narrators who they would like to kill.

    After time's up, the narrators will post the opening of the following Day Scene and it starts all over again.
    This continues until either A) all of the Wolves are destroyed by the Villagers -or- B) the Wolves reduce the total number of non-wolf players to equal their own.

    This is just a brief overview of the basic rules. Specific games may have variant rules which will be detailed in the game thread.

    --Basic Role Descriptions--
    Once a game has closed recruitment, the narrator will randomly assign roles and PM all players with their role. Traditional roles are as follows:

    Team Villager
    Villager: You are a villager. Your job is to stay alive, and ferret out the werewolves.

    Mason: Your job is to ferret out the werewolves, and to protect your fellow Mason(s). There will always be a minimum of 2 Masons in a group. The masons are told each other’s identities.

    Seer: Each night phase, you may PM the Narrator and co-Narrator to look into the heart of one other player. When you select a player, the answer given to you will be villager, fool, or werewolf. Seers see the Devil as a Werewolf.

    Fool: Thinks he is a seer. Is told that he is a seer. When a fool gets his foresight in the evening, he gets a random chance as to what he sees when he points somebody out. When he points to the Seer, he will always see the Fool, and vice versa.

    Baner: This person is the carrier of the wolfsbane. Each night he may protect someone he believes is a villager, from the werewolves’ night-kill.

    Team Werewolf
    Werewolf: Each night phase the werewolves choose among themselves who they want to kill, and send this in to the narrator(s).

    Devil: Is basically the seer for the werewolves, however gets more precise results (Specific role rather than just villager, fool, or werewolf).

    Note that other than villager and werewolf, none of these roles have to appear in any given game, and there are other roles which may be included. The narrator has the right to include whatever roles s/he wants, and alter them as s/he sees fit.

    Victory Conditions:

    For Team Villagers to win, the villagers must lynch all of the werewolves.

    For Team Werewolf to win, they must simply reduce the number of villagers (Including special roles on Team Villager) to equal their current numbers.

    Finally, if anyone has any other ideas as far as what to put in this thread, feel free to voice them here or PM them to me.
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