One lead. One paltry sodding lead. That was all he had to work with. As his car pulls up outside Claudia's residence, Henry's mind reflected on all those cop shows and paranormal shows on TV, and just how wrong they were. He'd come here to get information on a girl in green, and had spent the last 5 hours trying to piece together possible names from the description. A sheet of paper in his pocket bore four names, which he took out to remind himself.

"Let's see here... Chikako Ayame, Honoko Hina, Hisamori Aki, Kazui Manami. Not exactly the biggest list, but I didn't have time for any more... Ah, soddit, here goes nothing." And with that stirring battlecry, Henry got out of his car, trudged over to the door and and sluched in front of the doorframe in full expentance of failure... before suddenly straightening up and knocking smartly on the door. Appearances always helped.