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    Default Re: WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!

    --The Schedule--

    {table=head]Game|Narrator(s)|Status|Game_Start (week of)
    **Isocerne City|BobTheFerret|Finished|Mar 28
    Advent Children IV - Centuries of Sin|banjo1985|Running|June 20
    Phantom of the Opera IV|ThePhantom|Finished|July 4
    **Mafia: The Trapping|DomaDoma|Recruiting|July 5
    ????|Inhuman Bot|Cancelled|July 11
    **Wizards WW|Internet Flea, The Grimmace|Finished|July 16
    Ye Olde West V - True Wit|Supagoof|Running|July 18
    D&D 4E WW - The Castle of Illusions|bladescape, Qwaz|Finished|July 25
    Werewolf: Aftermath|EagleWiz|Running|Aug 1
    Bootleggers|Lady Tialait|Running|Aug 8
    My Little Pony: Return of Nightmare Moon|Lex-kat|Running|Aug 15
    Center WW|Ramsus|Recruiting|Aug 22
    Vampire V: Paris by Night|Helgraf, RabbitHoleLost|Running|Aug 29
    **The Dragonspire Killers|Mindfreak586|Recruiting|Aug 29
    City of Shadows|Eternal Drifter|Recruiting|Sept 5
    ?????|bladescape|Coming|Sept 12
    |||Sept 19
    World of Darkness II - Asylum|banjo1985|Coming|Sept 26[/table]** Games of 20 players or less. These are put in the table for recordkeeping, but don't require scheduling a slot (However see section in post 3 on scheduling games).

    Completed games:
    **Witchhunt|Milskidasith|Finished|Sept 3
    **Under a Grinning Moon|The Ender, TheLaughingMan|Dead|Sept 1
    **Get Out of Here, Stalker!|Trixie|Finished|Sept 1
    Mtg: The Battle for Alara|Sanity702, Uncle Festy|Finished|July 12
    **Classic Mafia: Bring out the noir!|InaVegt|Dead|Sept 3
    The Gamers WW|ThePhantom|Finished|Sept 6
    **Dark World Incursion|Strategos|Dead|Aug 24
    Schoolyard WW|Istari|Finished|Aug 30
    City of Darkness|Eternal Drifter|Finished|Sept 13
    **Custom WW II|Lex-kat|Finished|Sept 7
    Rebellion V|Zeb the Troll|Finished|July 26
    Futurama|Diva De, Lex-kat|Finished|Sept 20
    Gehenna|Lady Tialait|Finished|Sept 27
    Helgraf's Bomb|Lex-kat|Finished|Oct 4
    **Witchhunt 2 Part 2|Milskidasith|Finished|Sept 20
    The City|billtodamax, Murska|Finished|Aug 16 Sept 5
    Titans 4 - Salvation|Supagoof, Diva De|Finished|July 19 26
    St. Trinian's WW|Tasroth, Thufir|Finished|Oct 18 Nov 3
    Demons II|Lamech|Finished|Nov 8
    X-Men|cd4|Finished|Nov 22
    WW Classic XII Part 2|Thufir|Finished|Sept 13
    Phantom of the Opera III|ThePhantom|Finished|Dec 27
    Shapeshifters|Duneyrr|Finished|Jan 24
    Universal Smash Bros. 5|Deathslayer7|Finished|Nov 29
    itP - The Battle for Alarra|Lex-kat, Supagoof|Finished|Jan 10
    **Journeys on the TARDIS 3|Korias|Dead|Jan 11
    Breaking the 4th Wall|Qwaz|Finished|Jan 31
    Mafia XI|Andre Fairchilde|Finished|Jan 7
    **Gnome Way to Conduct Politics|GrlumpTheElder|Finished|Jan 24
    Vampire IV|Helgraf|Finished|Oct 25
    **Open WW|Orzel|Finished|Feb 14
    **Witchhunt 3|Gray Mage|Finished|Jan 13
    Mtg: Conflux - The Shards Collide|Sanity702|Finished|Dec 13
    SEU VIII: Horrors on a Plane|Shadowcaller|Finished|Jan 3
    The Gamers, Dorkness Rising|ThePhantom|Finished|Feb 28
    Devils WW|Tasroth|Finished|Mar 7
    **Reverse WW IV|Sanity702|Finished|Feb 7
    Witchhunt 4|Gray Mage|Finished|May 2
    L-Space WW|Thufir|Finished|Feb 7
    Shape-shifters 2|Duneyrr|Finished|Apr 4
    Assassins IV|Lex-kat|Finished|Mar 14
    D&D WW Numero Uno|Hipen3, Lex-kat|Finished|Apr 11
    Mummy the Resurrection: The Corruption of the Serpent|Lady Tialait|Dead|Mar 21
    Ghosts WW: The Spectre of Forgetfulness|Random_person|Finished|Feb 14
    Llama Llama Duck IV: Skippy's Revenge|Supagoof, Andre Fairchilde|Finished|Mar 28 Apr 1
    The Maltese Falcon|Joosbawx|Dead|May 9
    Insane Mafia|101jir|Finished|May 23
    Fatbelly V - Who's For Dessert?|banjo1985|Finished|Apr 18
    Abhorsen 3: Shining Night|Deathslayer7|Finished|May 16
    **City of Spires|Rules Lawyer #1|Finished|June 27
    itP 2: Battle for Haruki-kun|Lex-kat, Supagoof, Bladescape|Finished|June 6
    Werewolf Classic XIII|Qwaz, Lex-kat, Rules Lawyer #1|Finished|June 6[/table]
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