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    Default Re: WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!


    --How Narrators Should Use This Thread--
    In addition to the ways players should use Central, narrators can:
    • Post the rules of games you’re planning, for balance advice, and potentially to garner interest in advance.
    • Look for a co-narrator.
    • Book a place for your game in the schedule.
    • Let us know when your game is recruiting/starting/ending.
    • Share fun stuff you've created, such as Korith's games spreadsheet.

    --Interesting and Important Notes by Lucky--
    A couple other things to note when running a game of Werewolves:

    A) Having a co-narrator is highly recommended. This is to assist with the flow of the game, and just makes it easier on the narrator.

    Rules on cheating:

    The SMBG stance on cheating applies to all of these games, and cheaters will be punished as dictated by the SMBG rules.

    However, after the culprit has been punished and s/he has served his time off from the werewolf games, it will become forgotten history. No one is to speak of it further, and any concern will be PMed to the narrators of that game, not posted in the thread.

    --Scheduling your game--
    We've all decided amongst ourselves that we should only have one game starting in any given week.
    Small games (<20 players) do not need to be scheduled in advance. Normally, up to two small games may be started each week, unless the the total number of small games would then exceed the number of large games recruiting or running at the time. If you’re uncertain, just ask here in Central.
    Additionally, while small games do not need to be scheduled in advance, they can be, if you wish to stake your claim in advance to be sure no-one beats you to it by posting their game first. However this shouldn’t come up too often.
    Big name games which have no difficulty attracting players (Such as Classic) can ignore the schedule and start the same week as another large game. In such a week, no small games may be started.
    Above all, be considerate. Everyone wants players for their game, and no-one likes for their game to end up short of players because they’re all playing in other games.

    Please PM me or post here if you're planning on starting a game, so that we can coordinate everything properly.
    This will ensure that every game gets the attention that it deserves and will make every game more enjoyable.
    Thanks in advance.

    Just as the Three Post Rule is usually enforced by ourselves rather than getting Mods involved, so too should rules that we've created for ourselves be so enforced. Please politely direct anyone starting a game out of turn to this thread.
    As this is not a forum rule, this can only be enforced by us.
    A little common courtesy goes a long way.

    A note on posting Recruitment/Game Threads:
    Threads created in the Structured Games subforum have to wait to be approved by a mod (Alarra or Zeb The Troll)
    If you need a second post to open your game, simply put that in the Title of your thread so that your players will not post as soon as it goes up, like I did for this thread.
    Then change the Title when you're ready to play.

    Recruitment and Game Schedules
    Large games:
    Note that the date listed is for the week Game Thread should go up, not the recruitment thread. Begin recruitment at your leisure.

    Small games:
    For small games the date listed will be the week the thread goes up, though the game may not start that week, depending on recruitment. This is to help keep track of the 'Two small games per week' restriction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Atreyu the Masked Llama
    The co-narrator serves many purposes
    1) It can help with sending out the opening PM's to players.
    2) it can give the narrator someone to talk to about the game and how its going
    3) It is someone the narrator can plot with about any changes to make (but that's not relevant in classic)
    4) if the narrator cannot fulfil his duties for any reason, the co-narrator can cover his back and make an update or two.
    5) OOOOH, writing descriptions is good too.
    If you want a co-narrator, ask here in Central. It will probably help to say what your game will be like, though some people will narrate anything.

    Claims on Specific Editions/Variants:
    In general, a WW variant someone runs is considered specifically theirs. If you want to run another one of it, you must ask them nicely to let you co-narrate.
    However, there is nothing to stop you doing something similar, which you can devise for yourself. If you’re uncertain, ask here in Central.
    The exceptions to this variant ownership are WW Classic and Simply Werewolf, which get passed around. If you want to run one of these games, just ask and we’ll dig out the rules for you.
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