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    Default Re: WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!

    --Games Archives--

    --Single Run Games--

    The Original: Werewolf
    Werewolf II, Werwolf II, Part 2, Werewolf II, Part 3
    Werewolf III: A New Beginning
    Werewolf IV
    Werewolf V: Werewolf DnD
    Werewolf VI: The Paladins Strike Back
    Werewolf VII: Urban Lycanthropy
    Werewolf VIII
    Werewolf IX: Hogwart's Havok
    Werewolf X-In The Midst Of A Battle

    --Werewolf Classic--
    Werewolf Classic I
    Werewolves Classic II, Werewolves II, take 2
    Werewolf Classic III
    Werewolf Classic IV
    Werewolf Classic V
    Werewolf Classic VI: Rated PG-13 to R for violent descriptions of character Deaths
    Werewof Classic VII: The Village
    Werewolf Classic VIII - Archaeological Wolves
    Werewolf Classic IX
    Werewolf Classic X: Chilled Blood Becomes Spilled Blood
    Werewolf Classic XI: Origins
    Werewolf Classic XII

    --Werewolf Lite--
    Werewolf Lite
    Simply Werewolf 2
    Simply Werewolf 3 - The things that shouldn't have been.

    --Abhorsen WW--
    Abhorsen's WW
    Abhorsen WW 2! Chaos Rises

    --Advent Children--
    Final Fantasy Advent Children: The Return of Sephiroth
    Advent Children II The Battle for Balamb Garden
    Final Fantasy Advent Children III - Burmecia or Bust

    Alchemists II
    Alchemists III

    --Alien Invasion--
    Alien Invasion
    Alien Invasion II
    Alien Invasion III

    Assassins II: Revenge of the Princess
    Assassins III: Taking Back the Throne!!
    Assassins IV: The Return

    --Baron Fatbelly--
    I, II & III were not Werewolf style games.
    Fatbelly 4 - Baron Banjo Brings Home the Bacon
    Fatbelly V- Who's for Dessert?

    Batman Mini-Game
    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    --Bounty Hunters--
    Bounty Hunters
    Bounty Hunters 2: Trial By Gunfire

    Camelot WW 0.5 - Le Morte D'arthur
    Camelot WW 1: The Sword in the Stone
    Camelot WW 2: The Queen of Air and Darkness

    --Camp Sleeps-A-Lot--
    Camp Sleeps-A-Lot
    Camp Sleep S'More

    Civilizations 2: Attack from Mars

    Convoy II: The Cola Wars
    Convoy III: Bears in the Air
    Convoy IV: Twisted Metal
    Convoy V: Autobots, Role Out!!
    Convoy VI: Convoy From Hell
    Convoy VII: Interstating the Obvious

    --Create Your Own Role--
    Five Player CYOR
    Five Player CYOR II

    --Custom Werewolf--
    Custom WW I
    Custom Werewolf II

    --Death Note--
    Death Note
    Death Note 2

    The Demons
    Demons II

    Dethy II
    Dethy III (Lost Thread )
    Dethy IV

    Dyscworlde WereWolfe: Dei In Machina
    Discworld II: The Glorious Republic of Treacle Mine Road

    Empire II: Where No Man Has Gone Before

    --Fate/Stay Night--
    Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Touch
    Fate/Stay Night II: Unlimited Blade Wolves
    Fate III/Final - HWWITGT!

    The Fears of Pegasus Manor
    Fears 2: Nightfall
    Fears 3: Full Circle

    --The Gamers--
    The Gamers
    The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

    Ghosts- The Spectre of Forgetfulness

    --Grave Robbers From Outer Space--
    Grave Robbers from Outer Space
    Grave Robbers 2: Skippy's Revenge

    --Harry Potter--
    Harry Potter Mini-Game
    Harry Potter Universe
    Harry Potter: The Battle against Voldemort

    --Hot Potatoes--
    Hot Potatoes
    Hot Potato II

    --Invasion of the Zombies--
    Invasion of the Zombies
    Invasion of the Zombies: Outbreak
    Invasion of the Zombies: Day of the Dead

    --Journies on the TARDIS--
    Journeys on the TARDIS
    TARDIS II: Hunt for the Doctor
    Journeys on the TARDIS 3: It Really Is Bigger on the Inside

    --Llama, Llama, Duck--
    Llama, Llama, Duck
    Llama, Llama, Duck 2- The Return of Insanity
    Llama, Llama, Duck 3- Orange Slayed the Rake
    Llama, Llama, Duck 4- 200 Llamas! Buy Bye Bi-Centennial!

    --Lord of the Rings--
    Lord of the Rings: The Journey Begins
    Lord of the Rings WW- When the Cult Attacks

    Original Mafia Sign-up Actual game lost.
    Mafia I: Night of the Criminals
    Mafia II: Mass Intrigue
    Mafia III: The Maltese Falcon
    Mafia Episode IV: A New Hutt
    Mafia V: The Maltese Falcon Returns(restarted as Mark II)
    Mafia V: Mark II: The Return of the Narrator
    Mafia VI: Return of the Departed Emerald Dragon
    Mafia VII: Revenge of the Blackhawks
    Mafia VIII
    Mafia IX: St. Valentines Massacre
    Mafia X
    Mafia XI

    --Mafia Classic--
    Mafia Classic: Bringing Out the Noir

    --Magic the Gathering--
    Magic: The Gathering- Planeshock
    Magic: The Gathering- Duel of the Legends
    Magic: The Gathering- Battle for Alara!
    Magic: The Gathering- Conflux, The Battle for Alara Continues

    Memesville II - Memes? In MY Structured?

    --Monster Mash--
    Monster Mash (Lost in SMBG )
    Monster Mash II
    Monster Mash III

    OotS: Memories Erased
    OotS Werewolf

    Paranoia mk II
    Paranoia III
    Paranoia IV (Can't Find it. )
    Paranoia V

    --Phantom of the Opera--
    Phantom of the Opera
    Phantom of the Opera II
    Phantom of the Opera III

    Pirates II: Never Never Land Cruise
    Pirates III: At Forum's End
    Pirates IV: Firefly Firefight!
    Pirates V: Setting Sail!

    --Playground Squares--
    Playground Squares WW: Trial Version
    Playground Squares: The WW Edition

    Rebellion II
    Rebellion III: Reign of the Zombies
    Rebellion IV: Death of the Lich King
    Rebellion V

    --Reverse Werewolf--
    Reverse Werewolf
    Reverse Werewolf II
    Reverse Werewolf III: The Unstoppable Villager
    Reverse Werewolf IV: Villagers Return

    Revolution Mk II
    Revolution III: Interesting Times in Technotopia
    Revolution IV: The Second Party

    Rockstar II: The Rap Feud
    Rockstar III: And Bon Scott Did Looketh Down Upon Us and Command "Let There Be Rock"

    --Schoolyard WW
    Schoolyard 1
    Schoolyard 2

    S.E.U.: The Nightmare Begins...
    S.E.U. II: Ho Ho Horrors
    S.E.U. III: Dark Strains
    S.E.U. IV: The Terror
    SEU 5: A Mother's Arms
    S.E.U. VI: Twinkle Little Star
    S.E.U. VII: Sanity's Rest hospital
    S.E.U. VIII: Horrors on a Plane

    Shape-shifters 2

    Smalltown 2

    Spytrap II: Desert Wolves
    Spytrap III- Prisoners of War
    Spytrap IV: Operation Market Garden
    Spytrap V: The Spy Who Scalped Me!

    --Tales of Kyou--
    Stories of Kyou: The Facestealer
    Tales of Kyou II: The Darkness

    --The Thing!--
    The Thing- Original
    The Thing

    T2: Judgement Day
    Titans 3! The Rise of Olympus
    Titans 4! Salvation

    --Twin Village--
    Twin Village
    Twin Village 2

    Twist II

    --Ultimate ChKaos--
    Ultimate Chaos
    Ultimate Kaos II: Attack of the Epileptic Koans!
    Ultimate Kaos III: In Soviet Russia, Kaos Ultimates YOU!
    Ultimate Kaos IV

    --Universal Smash Bros--
    Universal Smash Bros.
    Universal Smash Bros 2: Villain's Revenge
    Universal Smash Bros 3: Heroes' Resurgance!
    Universal Smash Bros 4: Brawl on!
    Universal Smash Bros 5: Final Destination

    Vampire: Renfeild's Masquerade
    Vampire II: The Carfax Contingency
    Vampire III: Sunnydale Nights
    Vampire IV: The Song of Night

    --Witches & Warlocks--
    Witches & Warlocks: How It All Started
    Witches & Warlocks II: Double Double Toil and Trouble!
    Witches & Warlocks III: Welcome to Witchtopia!

    Witch-hunt 1.1
    Witch-hunt 1.2
    Witch-hunt 1.3 - We are going to need more ducks

    --Ye Olde West--
    Ye Olde West
    Ye Olde West II: The GOLD Rush
    YOW3: Cowboy Bebop Edition
    Ye Olde West IIII: A New Rope (Star Wars Edition)

    Someone mention a game that you've never heard of?
    Someone mention a game that you'd like to read?

    Look No Further!
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