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    Default Re: WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!

    --Extra Stuff--

    --Optional Rules--
    In some games, rather than, or in addition to, killing the villagers, the wolves may instead recruit them. The targeted villager becomes a werewolf instead. Power roles are typically immune to recruitment, and recruitment may be refusable, at the choice of the narrator

    It can of course be played that the Seer and Fool get specific roles in response to their scries, rather than just team allegiance or Fool.

    Optional Predetermined "Fool's Scry" Roles
    You may wish to randomly generate a second role distribution to be used for Fool scries, rather than randomly generating the result of each scry. This will ensure the Fool’s scries are consistent (Can’t scry the same person as different roles on separate occasions) and save you work.
    Of course, if you give the Fool specific role results, you’ll have to decide what result they get if the role the Fool should scry is already dead. Obvious solution is to change said result to a basic Villager or Werewolf.

    The Devil
    It can be played that the Devil and the Werewolves do not start the game knowing each other (This is the case in WW Classic). This can potentially make things rather interesting, as it’s harder for everyone to know who to trust...

    Helgraf's Scry Interference Rule
    Under Helgraf’s Scry Interference Rule, any attempt by multiple scryers (Seer, Fool, Devil, etc.) to scry the same target on the same night will result in ‘interference’, i.e. no result.

    --Additional Roles--
    Here are some more roles which you may see/use in a game of WW:
    Team Villager:
    Day-baner: Each night, this player may choose someone to protect. The following day, that person cannot be lynched.

    Not Team Specific:
    Disguiser: Each night, this player may choose a target and a role. If someone scries that target, they will see the chosen role rather than the target’s actual role (What this does to Fool scries is up to the narrator).

    Voider: Each night, this player may choose a target. That target will be unable to use their own night action (If they have one)

    Transmuter: Each night, this player chooses a target. The narrators randomly select one of the abilities usable in the game and use it on the target.

    Team Werewolf
    Beast: When this player is lynched, one of the people who voted for him will also die. This may be chosen by the player, randomly selected, or the last person to vote for the beast.

    Alpha: Alpha can have three possible meanings – either the Alpha scries as a villager, or they get to choose their own team, or both. This should be specified in the rules of any game where the role is used.

    --Narrating Tools--
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    Korith's Excel Spreadsheet. - A great tool to assign all the basic roles. Also includes an option to add up to 10 custom roles, making it also useful for almost any other werewolf variant.
    Instructions are included inside.

    The only concern that we've found with Korith's wonderful tool is that in some circumstances you may need to use it twice with slightly different configurations each time in order to get a fully randomized role distribution.
    This will come into play when you're running an Alpha Game or when you have possible secondary roles that could be in addition to the player's primary role (such as lovers, feuders, etc.).

    Also for inspiration and other possible purposes, the Mafia Wikipedia Article

    We've had some concerns about shrinking player-base, so to help potentially attract new players, here are some banners, drawn by Elder Tsofu:

    He also made some for specific players, which are in amongst the Player Inspired Posters in the next post.

    Attention All Werewolves:
    If there's anything you'd like added to this thread, just let me know.
    If there's a game you'd like to run, just let me know.
    If you'd like to put a bid in for a start date, just....

    ....You get the idea.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feedback?
    Let's have it!
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