Presenting, and reserving the earliest possible time... Phantom of the Opera Werewolf III.

Many years after the events at the Paris Opera House, a group of friends and some enemies have gone to a mansion off in the French countryside, to reenact the famous story of the Opera Ghost, with some people acting as the parts of the Phantom, and others the heroes of that affair. This looks to be an enjoyable vacation. What, some people who aren’t not on the guest role are here to? Great, now we have a few wild cards in this game.

Welcome to Phantom of the Opera Werewolf III. As mentioned by the intro, while most of the roles and rules are the same, there is a small group of secret roles throw into the mix. Of course, the stuff of the opera are the main setting, but just remember, there’s a few twists in this.

The Roles:
Good Guys: Win when all wolves are dead, extra win if both Christine and Raoul are alive at the end of the game.
Christine Daaé: The rising star of the Paris Opera, and the love of both the Phantom and Raoul. Day Baner with 2 day cooldown, extra win condition for wolves

Raoul: The Viscount de Chagny, patron of the Paris Opera house. He is able to protect himself and others from the Phantom's wrath. Baner

André and Firmin: The new managers of the Opera house, they know each other role, but if one dieds, the other goes with him. Partners/lovers

Carlotta: The prima donna of the paris opera, and is very jealous of Christine's sucess. Vain and self-focus, she thinks that she can tell the real identity of people, but she is not often right. Fool

Police: The police summoned by Raoul to trap the Phantom. They know each other. Masons

Cast: The cast of the opera house. They just want to survive this madness. villagers

Madame Giry: Head of the ballet, she knows about the Phantom, and the opera house, and with this being the night of the Seer

Wolves: Win when other roles are equal to number of living wolves. Extra win: Christine lynched or night killed.

Shadows: The hiding places of the Phantom. wolves

Head of Fire: A firely head, that wanders the opera house. Its eyes of fire can see the identity of people. Devil

The Phantom: The Phantom of the Opera himself.
Alpha, special: If lynched, the role of the Phantom moves to a shadow.