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Thank you to be honest, I wrote it like that because I didn't have my notes with me and couldn't remember the specifics of each fight, so I made it mostly fluff.

If you really want to, go ahead, just ask people not to spoil anything for you
I liked it, it seemed..... I dunno, almost more personal.

anyways, I've been really 'eh' about posting the name of the module because I was worried people would spoil it for me anyways....

but I digress.

very well, I give you "Roche's letter to the order" #1, this takes place after the death of Kelvar, and is a summary of the events that have happend since session one (arriving in the village) and the last session we played.

this is meant to be an extremely conscise summary and evaluation of the situation, as Roche does not have access to a courier trusts.

anyways, without further ado (got it right this time!)

*note, this is exactly as it was when the DM got it.... the handwriting font I used may not carry over, but I'll try to make it so
**note, these forums do not have the font I used.

The following message is written in Terran

To Snorri Glitterbeard, Master of The Order Of The Shield Of The Mountian, also known as The Shield of the Mountian, hold-renowned smithy and warrior

A message from The Smoulderbeard.

Grungi’s blessings upon ye. I have arrived at the town to which I was dispatched, in order to investigate the temple of the elemental evil, below is a recounting of the events that have transpired since my arrival.

Since being sent forth to investigate the temple of evil, I have begun to travel with several other adventuring folk, an odd group of misfits to say the least, I travel with a half giant who calls himself “Mongo”, a worshipper of Dragons known as “Kelvar”. He’s an odd lad, even for a manling, but he seems solid enough in a fight. Next is “Verad” a Human Druid, and his pet bison…”fluffy”, tree worship and …’unique’ naming habits aside, he seems to be dependable…. For a manling.

Upon the day of my arrival, along with my … compatriots, sought refuge within the ‘Welcome Wench’ a tavern that possesses not an ounce of proper beer, not even by manling standards. After settling in, we explored the town a bit, including a errand run into the local potion shop, we then discovered that the potion-master was missing, and the shop was being run by his daughter and her dwarven bodyguard in his absence. I pledged myself and my companions to retrieve the girl’s father. My companions and I then set off forthwith for what is known as “the moat house” about these parts. Within the moat house, we encountered a youngling blue dragon, Kelvar, spirits rest him, was slain in the battle with the beast by its lightning breath, Verad and I proceeded to cut the dragon to pieces, I’m having its head stuffed and mounted in the local taxidermy, should make a fine mantelpiece upon my return to the hold. After giving Kelvar a proper burial, we headed back the next day with a new companion in tow… He be an elf by the name of Glyff, he’s an odd one right enough, even by the standards of the manlings I’m surrounded by, he claims to have been cursed by a wizard some time ago and that is the cause of his ‘unique’ appearance, the elf has bright red hair and a few other ‘distinguishing’ features. I’d appreciate if you set a scribe or three to doing some research to see if they can find tale of any such wizard, curse, or elf. I have known him only for a few days, and while he has stood his ground in combat, I’ve yet to take his measure. Upon our return to the Moat house, we discovered t he girls father and returned him immediately to his home. The day after that, we went forth to the moat house once again, as it is our only lead to the temple. On This trip, we encountered several gnolls that quickly fell in combat to our blades. Beneath the moat house is a vast tunnel complex, I have not had time to explore this complex yet, but I my companions and I leave with a local paladin in the morning to explore it further… which brings me to the purpose of this missive…

Beneath the moat house we encountered several ghouls, and as I mentioned before, discovered a cavern and tunnel complex that seems to spread out beyond the moat house, within this complex we discovered something…vile, it is a shrine to, what I have been informed, is “the temple of the evil eye”, I tell ye, This place offended every fibre of my being. I cannot stress this enough, this place was evil, and unholy far beyond my knowledge to deal with. Knowing this, we retreated immediately back to the town to seek the aid and guidance of the local clergy in purging this place from the realm. We have sought aid from the clerics of Pelor, Ehlonna, and St. Cuthburt, at this time the head clerics of all three temples are currently researching and communing with their gods as to the best course of action, as of this writing, The alter has not been destroyed, I have been convinced by the combined wisdom of the clergy that wanton destruction could awaken…something, I have also recruited a paladin to my efforts to destroy this place, but his hand too, is held in check by the clerics, we eagerly await the conclusion of their research so we may purge this place, it offends the both of us to our souls. In the meantime, another development has arisen that may stay my hand from the destruction of the alter further yet, my companion , Verad, has disappeared. And we cannot find him. I am honorbound to find him before I destroy the temple, I cannot leave my companion to whatever fate might befall him.

At the time of this writing, I am not in need of assistance, however, I realize this place could hold my doom, or worse, so I do request that you place 5 Battle Brothers on alert that they may be sent here, if resources permit. If they do not, especially if they do not, I pray you would consider putting out the call to the Slayers, something tells me there is many a fell deed and mighty doom to be found here.

Praise be to the Ancestor-Gods, Grimnir, Grungi, and Valaya! For they have placed weapons in our hands, and foes before us, surely we are blessed in their sight.

May the ancestors’ eyes be upon you
Khazak un Uzkul
Roche Smoulderbeard, Knight of The Shield of the Mountain

for those of you who didn't guess it
the module we are running is the temple of elemental evil