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    Default Re: WW Central VII: Important WW information goes here - READ OPENING POSTS!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lex-kat View Post
    I'd like to move itp- Battle for Alarra to January 10th, please.
    Aww, I was looking forward to that game...

    @Sanity: You really think Ravnica will last that long? I mean I know the rules are pretty complicated, so until December I imagine could happen, but February?
    Also, whenever you want it moved to, be specific and pick a week which doesn't already have a game in it.
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    *is too much awesome to behold*

    *runs awaaaaaay*
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    Decent? Are you kidding? That is an epic win, good sir. *Shakes your hand*
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    Thufir I love the chess set and wish I had my own.