That's all much more sane, to be sure; however, I'm still afraid it's probably broken.

You need to list how it learns its spells in the spellcasting section... or wait, is that what you're trying to say, here:

However, Stereotypes may only learn one such thing as a technique for each spell level (so only one 0 level technique like this, only one 1st level technique, etc)
Because if so, that's a very, very bad placement for that little bit of information, it references something called a Stereotype, which I assume is an earlier version name for the class, and it's not really very clear.

If the class is only capable of learning and "casting" Techniques, you haven't specified this anywhere, nor have you stated how many "non-spell" Techniques the class is able to learn each level either.

I would recommend that you decide one way or the other. Is it a class that casts spells, uses spell slots per day, and can learn and cast class features as though they were spells? OR Is it a class that "casts" techniques, uses technique slots per day, and can learn and cast spells as though they were techniques?

This is actually a pretty darned cool idea, and you really did a great job with the rulings on preparing class features in spell slots and casting them, however it's still pretty incomplete and there's still a lot more to be thought through.