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Hideyaki looks at his two erstwhile companions, and begins to protest. "It looks like he's not here. Maybe we should just... I'm outvoted, aren't I?" With that statement of resignation, he purposefully strides off into the buildings, before finding the 3rd seat's office and knocking firmly yet politely on the door. Not the worst place to start.
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Feiyan just plain waltzes around the building, calling out, Kenichi-kuuuun, where aaare you?
Daisuke looked up from his searching, though why he was looking at the ground was anybody's guess. "Feiyan-neechan, wouldn't it make more sense for us to split up? I mean, for one of us to stay here and look for Kenichi-san, and the rest of us to go and look for the other Vice-captains. I'm not sure how long they'll be staying there, and I want to make sure that everyone gets to be there. I can go off to the 10th division, and you can go to the 11th division, Feiyan-neechan, and Hideyaki-san can stay here and look for Kenichi-san! Can we do that? I'm getting bored with looking."

It wasn't hard to tell that Daisuke wanted to get back to the bar as fast as he could; he didn't enjoy being away from the party, even though he did enjoy the company of the other 3rd-seats.