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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wolf View Post
    Okay! See ya later! Feiyan waved and then sped off towards the 11th Division.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steilos View Post
    Hideyaki didn't regret things often, finding it to be a waste of time that could be corrected merely by looking forward in life. But he was regretting going with Feiyan and Daisuke right now. "...Very well. Go on ahead."

    The 3rd Seat continued to pace around the building, looking for Kenichi wherever he could.
    "Excellent!" Daisuke exclaimed as he sped off toward the 10th division. He was very careful not to use any reiatsu, as he only had two tails left, and he would already be exhausted if he released his Shikai now. He needed to find a Kido user, but where?
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