There are still quite a few things missing from your clarifications, and still a few things to clarify.

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Techniques: Polymaths learn how to use class features by reducing them to an arcane formulae, called techniques. Techniques generally operate the same way as spells do, except for the rules noted here. Polymaths may use techniques spontaneously, like sorcerers cast spells. Techniques are used through technique slots, as listed on the table above.

Polymaths essentially learn how to use class features as though they were spells. When treating a class feature as a spell, the following applies:

  • Class features learned as spells are known as Techniques
  • Techniques may only be taken from base classes.
  • The class feature is treated as a technique of 1/2 the level a normal member of the class would gain it, rounded up (ex. a Polymath learns Wildshape, which Druids learn at level 5. Since 1/2 of that would be 2 1/2, it is treated as a 3rd level spell)
  • There are two kinds of techniques: constant and usage
  • Constant techniques, when cast, grant the Polymath access to the class ability for a number of rounds equal to the Polymath's caster level. They may cast as many times as the Polymath likes, so long as the Polymath has a spell slot available to "cast it"
  • Usage class features are any class feature that has a limited number of uses.
  • For all purposes except duration for usage class features, the Polymath is treated as having a number of levels in that class equal to his caster level. Duration for such features is treated as though the Polymath had 1/2 his caster level in class levels for the class(Ex. An 8th level Polymath can use Wildshape as an 8th level class, but it only lasts 4 hours (1 hour per class level)
  • Any improvements to a class feature must be learned as a new technique, treating it as a class feature gained at the level it is improved at.
  • Polymaths cannot learn spellcasting, or other similar features, as spells. However, they may learn spells, mysteries, and other things, as spells (learning Astral Construct as a 1st level spell). However, Polymaths may only learn one such thing as a technique for each spell level (so only one 0 level technique like this, only one 1st level technique, etc)
  • Usage techniques cannot be used more times per day than a member of the original class's caster level would be able to use it (ex. An 8th level Polymath cannot cast Wildshape more than 2/day, as that is how many times an 8th level druid may use it)
  • 0-level techniques (called tricks) simply grant access to any 1st level class features for 1 round.

Polymaths generally know how to cast one technique per technique slot.
For instance:

1) You've said in a reply to someone in this thread that casting Techniques is the same action as the class feature and that if an action isn't specified for the class feature (the case for many constant techniques) it should be assumed to be a standard action. You need to include that in the actual Polymath class description somewhere very clear to readers in the Techniques heading. Otherwise, they aren't going to have any idea.

2) You still haven't clearly stated how often a Polymath learns techniques, OR how many they actually know. You have a vague sentence at the end of the section that says they "generally know how to cast one technique per technique slot." This tells me nothing. I can infer that you might mean that they only know a single technique per level, but I don't know if that's true. Is it? Because if so that's probably pretty bad.

3) Time to get tricky. As far as this class is concerned Soul Binding (Binder) is a class feature, as are Inspiration and Arcane Dilettante (Factotum). As far as I can tell you could prepare those as Constant Techniques and get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

4) Another tricky one. You say that the class is able to learn spells and mysteries as Techniques so what about Tome of Battle maneuvers? And if you can learn them are they constant or usage Techniques? I would advise treating them as constant Techniques, usable once per encounter (as long as the duration of the Technique lasts), with no recovery. Stances could work similarly.

Finally, it's good that you went the way of the Technique system, rather than casting class features as though they were spells. As spells you could metamagic class features which could get really messy with some metamagics, and especially with Turn Undead and Divine Metamagic...