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    Notes on Disputes

    The next post will contain outstanding scoring disputes. Though none of these will effect who wins or places, I though it would be nice to get them resolved.

    But first, some notes. While in many cases over the history of the competition I have found aspects of a judge's scoring methodology that I don't agree with personally, we've traditionally given wide berth to judges in this competition. I'm not going to change that. One of our goals is to encourage judges with varied outlooks on the game.

    In deciding which disputes to present, I had to put aside quite a few this round. For brief reference:

    Not Even a Dispute
    • Math Errors

    Valid Disputes
    • Rules Error (If I can resolve it definitively one way or another, I will. These will be handled immediately rather than with other disputes)
    • You believe that the judge overlooked a specific element of your build
    • You believe that the judge misunderstood the purpose, function, or scope of a specific element of your build
    • There is an element in the judge's posted criteria (if they have one) that you believe you qualify for but which was not applied
    • Another entry was scored differently for the exact same thing. Note the word exact. If there is a difference (even if you don't feel it was substantive), I'm not going to present it. A good example would be if everyone else were scored down 1 point for using Stoneblessed and you were scored down 1.5.

    Not a Valid Dispute
    • Points Awarded or Deducted for elements not listed in a Judge's posted criteria
    • Disagreements over the Judge's scoring methodology or judgment
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