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One question I have, though, is if you intend to do epic progressions for this class or any of your other retools? I'd be highly interested in such a thing, as I love high-level games and I'd like to be able to use these classes at such a level.
I might have to start by envisioning what do I want with Epic progressions. After all, Epic progressions tend to stunt martial characters of all kinds and escalate the power of spellcasters to ridiculous levels. You may use the normal Epic rules if you wish to, but whether I will eventually provide such progressions or not depends on whether I remain using the same Epic rules or provide a change to them.

In any case: you'd gain Curse of the Fateless every five class levels, as usual; you'd get an increase on the Aura of Misfortune penalties of 1 per every three class levels, as usual; your caster level would increase but you wouldn't get more spell levels (again, as usual, but I consider that hogwash for partial spellcasters since it stunts them even further), and you'd get bonus feats every 4 levels, as usual (and since you get an "effective Fighter level" increase as a mathematical progression, you'd get an effective increase with Epic levels). The DC for all saving throws remains the same (10 + 1/2 class level + Cha modifier), except for those that deal with skill checks (13 + class level + Cha modifier, since skill ranks remain increasing at a 1:1 ratio). Aside from that, I don't think there's anything more to deal with Epic progressions, and this isn't exactly official so to speak: it certainly isn't the way I would deal with Epic rules (if I were to deal with them at all).