Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Sid had been up late last night and normally slept in, so as to avoid interacting with his father, before the guy headed out to his town guard job. This morning, though, his mother persistently knocked at his door, until he got up, grumbling. He came out and dragged himself to the kitchen table, glaring about and mumbling sleepily. "What, ma? Can't I get some sleep, once in a while? No? What - "

He woke up, when he noticed her concerned look, then glanced around, to see if his father was home. He wasn't. "Okay, what'd I do, now?"

His mother sighed and extended the parchment. "I was hoping that you could tell me. Someone came to our door this morning and told me to give that to you. Now, I know that you don't want us to worry, but if you need our help with anything, you need to tell us, son."

Sid snatched the note and pored over it for a bit. When he finished, he didn't look any more sure of himself. "Uh, to tell the truth, I don't know what this is about. Huh. It could be a trick. One of my buddies, messing with me. I don't know. I'll, uh, let you know."

With a shrug, he forgot about it long enough to get something to eat out of his mother, then he grabbed his stuff and bolted off, eager to be at the manor by noon. On his way, he stopped off by his friend Brandon's farm, hoping that the guy would know something about Lord Bost that he didn't. And, if he only knew what everyone else did, he could at least impress him!

O. O. C. --->
HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope.

Although this isn't one of the skills from the book, here's a Gather Information roll ---> [roll0] Attempting to learn about this Lord Bost guy, in general, I suppose, if I can, on the way to Brandon's place. Sid has a Charisma of 10.