Brandon Bor

Ever since he left home and took a room at the Giant's Helmet a day earlier, living by himself for the first time, Brandon had been muttering to himself.

"Sir Brandon. Sir Bor. Sir Brandon Bor. All rise for Sir Bor, Giantslayer."

While normally a sober and serious young man, Brandon felt positively giddy at his new independence. He even dreamed of his impending Lordship. Thus, the stout young man tended to strut, although that produced an odd jangling sound when he wore his armor.

Then the note came and Brandon puffed out his stocky chest even more, humming, "I am invited to Lord Bost's manor. I am invited to Lord Bost's manor. Why, even Mum and Dad doesn't go that often, just for parties. I am invited to Lord Bost's manor..."

Then he packed up all his belongings, including his armor, and put on his best clothes. Then he charmed himself a seat on a wagon leading to the Bost estate.