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    Stefan Reinhardt

    Stefan had a long day ahead of him. Textbook studies, theological discussions, weapon training, and of course the more menial tasks needed to keep the church running. But for now he was deep in prayers to Petra as he was every morning. It was his favorite part of the day, probably because it was also the easiest. Still, sitting in silence, meditating on Petra's teachings, he felt her presence directly somehow - so much more real than all the reading of musty old tomes and long-winded discussions of the subtle intricacies of theology.

    Opening his eyes, he looked up at the peasant boy in front of him. Yes?, he asked the youngling with a bittersweet smile on his face - a few months ago, this could as well have been him, running small errands to earn a little extra. A've got this for ya, he says, handing Stefan the note. Puzzled at who might send him, a mere acolyte, anything, much less this official looking parchment, Stefan still takes time to thank the boy and give him a silver piece before he opens the scroll.

    Shortly after, Stefan knocks on the door of Erica, the middle-aged priestess assigned to him as a mentor. Ma'm, Elder Erica?, he asks as she opens, I... received this just now he says pointing to the words on the parchment. Lord Bost has summoned me, but surely I don't have time for this. I have my exegesis class and..., he shudders, latrine duty to attend to. Giving him a stern look, the battle-hardened woman re-reads the scroll. You are free to go attend this, she says after a moment of thought, much to Stefan's delight. Lord Bost is a good man, and it is about time you learn about your true duties as a cleric of Petra. The smile on Stefan's face stiffens. Surely you don't mean... Yes, Stefan, it is about time you learn the hardships of combat. Only through battle may our Lady triumph in the struggle against evil. Stefan swallows, scared at the thought of having to meet the enemies of Petra face to face. Fear not, Stefan. Petra will give you courage, she says in a milder tone. Take your time, don your armor, ready your mace and go see his lordship. You're a good boy, Stefan. You'll do fine.

    Thus, summoning up all his courage, the youngest son of the Reinhart family leaves for the Bost estate to meet his destiny.
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