Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Upon learning that Brandon had moved to the Giant's Helmet, Sid thanked the guy's parents and assured them that he'd convey their love to him, when he saw him. Outside ---> "Not here, huh? Argh! I don't want to be late for this meeting thing. I'll just have to track him down, later, and brag." He sighed, then shrugged, "Man, poor Stefan, just stuck at the church. I should have stopped there. Ah, but I guess I won't mention this to him, yet. Huh. Well, I don't even know what this is about yet. It might not be good."

He mused and argued with himself, probably bumping into several people, on the way. "This guy wouldn't ask for me. The town guard would just show up. But I haven't even done anything bad enough to get a guy like this mad at me. He can't think that I'd be the best man for some job he wants done. There are tons of thieves better than me. Uh, for now... Yeah, one of them is probably just trying to embarrass me." On the way, he eventually talked himself into believing that the only thing the guy could want him for would be to steal his mother's box of secret family recipes.

Once there, he attempted to casually scope the place out, just strolling around the perimeter. Upon completing a circuit, he attempted to hide behind a tree as close as he could get to the gate. "I'll just wait here, until noon. Maybe see something interesting."

O. O. C. --->
HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope.

Mostly just for fun, here is a Hide In Shadows roll ---> (1d100)[23] He has a Dexterity of 14 and the skill Stealth (Urban), but, reading the description of Hide In Shadows, it doesn't look as if either of those things would affect this. oh well. I don't expect him to succeed, anyways.