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    Default Re: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, Mk. XXVII: God Has Nothing to do With This

    Quote Originally Posted by SaintRidley View Post
    Curly, yes. Karnak was human once.

    Also, you'll be better off if you just understand that Mookie constantly ruins his pacing in such a way.
    Well, that little titbit of information has me lowering my expectations by 2.5. Yay.

    Analysing Dominus Deegan

    The Golden Age*
    A Frail Hope of Adequate Enjoyment
    21/05/2002 - 17/07/2002 Arcs covered: Oracle for Hire, The Curse
    The First Signs of Serious Psychological Issues Appear
    18/07/2002 - 4/12/2002 Arcs covered: The Curse, Luna, Into the Woods
    In Which Teh Great Dominus Indulges in Torture and Terrifies Me
    5/12/2002 - 21/02/2003 Arcs covered: Into the Woods, Couch Forts and Crying
    Dominatrix Luna. Oh, and The Dominus is More Feared Than A Necromancer
    22/01/2003 - 11/03/2003 Arcs covered: Makeover!, Mob Mentality
    Thing Are Looking Up
    12/03/2003 - 30/04/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts One and Two
    Siggy Is Iesus. Make of That What You Will
    01/05/2003 -23/06/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Three and Four
    The Great Dominus Is Officially A Marty Stue an It's THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT!
    24/06/2003 - 19/08/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Five and Six
    Character Development! And We Conclude an Arc
    20/08/2003 - 10/09/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Seven and Eight
    Short Arc Is Short
    11/09/2003 - 21/10/2003 Arcs covered: The Party

    The Tarnished Age

    Hell Is Meaningless Filler
    23/10/2003 - 20/11/2003 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Part One

    Kink + Dominus Deegan = Eye and Brain Bleach
    11/11/2003 - 16/12/2003 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Parts Two and Three

    As foreshadowed in my last post, the Dominus has a BDSM kink. I know he's iust ioking with his brother, but this is still too much information.
    Next we have a coincidence! Luna's sister lives in Erotic City! Erotica Sin City. Ummm, Sin City? That whoretastic Sin City? Well, the BLATANT NAME certainly suggests so!
    I don't know about you, but when Lady Travoria's will was read out there was no suggestion whatsoever of any siblings, but I'll let it slide. Luna could have simply iumped to a conclusion.
    No. Amelia Tavoria iust so happens to have married the GD's childhood (best?) friend Szark Sturtz. The family the GD iust so happens to have had a vision about. Contrived coincidence. Very contrived.
    Given that the main visions of this webcomic have been about: Gregory being attacked, Iacob killing people and now people they both know, I'm beginning to suspect that you can adiust your Seer ability so that you only have visions about people you know.
    Ohgod. Another unwanted reminder of the GD's kinky sex life.
    Oh thank you! Another vision. Which is about Sister Pam, the woman who is romantically interested in Gregory. My Seer theory is getting more and more evidence supporting it.
    Stunt and Bumper! Yay! And Luna's iust assaulted two young teenagers and left them to die of hypothermia. How lovely. To add to think evil the GD blackmails and threatens to murder these two boys.
    And them they let them go free. Without reporting them to the proper authorities, or indeed, anything at all.
    Two people who have robbed, stolen, and assaulted various people including the main pair; and Stunt and Bumper are left to go free. Again. Iust like from Into the Woods.
    Okay, from now on, anything these two thieves do is the fault of the GD and Luna. So it really was their own fault that the GD got stabbed in the arm! The GD and Luna are slipping deeper and deeper into Evil. Hell, Luna even admits to enioying torturing them. Our heroes ladies and gentlemen!
    And now they're watching Amelia commit adultery with someone. Nice. I knew that the Seer ability could be used for perverted reasons.
    This other Seer is Celesto Morgan. And doing a Name Meaning thing-y on him for gits and shiggles provides this little nugget of fun.
    Celesto looks to be a male form of Celeste meaning 'heavenly'. Morgan means 'sea-born'. So a he is a heavenly sea-born being. Celesto is now Venus.
    And for Celesto's generosity in warning the Sturtz family of danger he gets a kinky threesome. And then Szark offers to let his childhood friend and sister-in-law watch them have another round! OhIesusChrist! My eyes! My brain!
    This makes me worry about Mookie's sexuality and his . . . fantasies. And Szark is bisexual? And looks like a cross between Stunt and Graverobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera.
    Wait. Szark has the Blight ("In the Blight he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden"), iust like Gregory did! And Gregory got the Blight ("In the Blight he courts death as a suitor courts a maiden") when a Demon Lord attacked the Deegans! And fifteen years ago Karnak gave Szark the wound!
    Let me get this straight:
    An unknown number of years ago Demon Lord Hexlia (I'm having flashbacks to Axis Power Hetalia) attacked the Deegans. He (she?) wounded Gregory. This encouraged Gregory to learn white magic, the Dominus to train his Seering, and Iacob to learn necromancy. Setting up the entire plot.
    Fifteen years ago, Demon Lord Karnak attacked Szark and wounded him. What are the chances of one family being attacked by two Demon Lords in what, five years? Must be that awful haircut of Deegan's.
    In what is probably the first Deegan-centric vision (that of removing his fishy curse) he saves the life of one Lady Luna Travoria and meets Sir Siggy, Royal Knight of Callan.
    Similarly, perhaps a year ago Demon Lord Karnak gave TIM his powers.
    TIM tried to heal his wounds by killing a dryad. This brough Gregory, Luna, the Dominus, Stunt and Bumper into contact with TIM who subsequently tried to kill them all only to be killed by Super Saiyin Gregory. Thus putting TIM in contact with Demon Lord Karnak so he can steal the Power Gloves of Karnak. He loves the Power Gloves.
    Sir Siggy is coincidentally the Knight contacted to save Lynne's Brook from the evil Deegans. Sir Siggy's companion iust so happens to be a childhood friend of Luna's. Along the way to Barthis Siggy & Co iust so happen to bump into Vilrath-Iacob.
    Luna's sister Amelia is married to the DOminus' friend Szark. And the DOminus and Venus de Seer have iust so happened to have the same vision of danger to the Sturtz family. Oh, and Stunt and Bumper are obsessively stalking the Dominus throughout the entire country, and iust so happen to bump into them and overhear Dominus and Luna's destination.
    And now Karnak has hired TIM to go to Erotica Whore City Sin City to kill either Szark of the Dominus.

    What is this?!
    The Six Degrees of Separation from Dominus Deegan?!
    Because wow. That is so contrived it's unbelievable. I'm guessing that Siggy's going to show up in PornoSin City too.
    Because he's been in nearly every arc so far.
    There's willing suspension of disbelief, and then there's this. It would have been fine if every single person in the entire history of the comic ever didn't iust so happen to know or be somehow related either to the Deegans or someone the Deegans know.

    And why is zombie-Szark (iust look at him!) breaking the fourth wall while his lover's sleep? I bet it was only included because of the 'dramatic'ness of a so-called three-part narrative split wasn't enough to fill the four-panel format.

    Let's see how ludicrously connected everything will be next time around.

    *Ages as defined by Trazoi here.

    Note: I lost my original post due to an internet crash, so this is a reconstruction.

    Next up! Crude sex iokes. Woo.
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