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    Brandon Bor

    The wagon Brandon is riding in stops briefly near the gate to the Bost manor. Brandon smiles and thanks the driver as he lowers his armor and gear onto some grass, thus avoiding the mud of the road.

    Then he continues an argument he'd been silently having with himself, only now out loud since no one is present to overhear (or so he thinks).

    "Armor or no armor? Armor is more manly, hehe, but maybe this isn't something that you wear armor to. Mum never wears her armor to social events, but maybe that's just because she's too fat."

    "Maybe at least wear the sword? But if he has guards, they'd probably demand that I leave the sword with them anyway."

    Eventually, Brandon puts on his swordbelt and his sword and dagger. He stops by a small pool of rainwater and studies his reflection, then declares himself a superb specimen of Thyatian manhood.

    Grinning, he hoists up his armor and gear and walks the short distance to the gate, where he knocks or rings the bell or calls the attention of the guard.
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