Note, I edited in a new line in my judging criteria, notated by bolded text.

"Does the build play well in a party, or does the presence of a party inhibit its functionality."

This is something I realize I judged on in a couple of the last few competitions. Some builds just don't play well with others. Builds that rely overly much on excessive amounts of stealth and/or deception tend not to work well in a party comprised of a drunken, fullplate wearing dwarf and a pyromaniac wizard, etc. Not saying that these builds wouldn't work ok in a group, but that they don't reach their fullest potential in a group or tend to pull the spotlight away from the group. Plain and simple, would the build make a better NPC (especially NPC "boss" type) than a PC.

If any of you have any questions about this, or would like more clarification, just ask.