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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoBitWriter View Post
    It looks good to me. You must be going crazy.

    Also, Civ V... I will lose my soul to it.

    But I'm perfectly willing to auction it off now. 26 years old, slightly tarnished with regret... >.>
    heh, i'll just have one more turn...
    what do you mean it's 4am and i've got work in 3 hrs...
    just one more turn.

    there. the title is done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dallas-Dakota View Post
    sorry, through a speaker that sounds very good, but standing in a small room with him, that would just hurt!
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    I know you...kind of...the hippie is always picking on you...
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    The local Troglanders have decreed that Archie was victorious for actually bringing a KNIFE to a Skype fight.