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Note, I edited in a new line in my judging criteria, notated by bolded text.

"Does the build play well in a party, or does the presence of a party inhibit its functionality."

This is something I realize I judged on in a couple of the last few competitions. Some builds just don't play well with others. Builds that rely overly much on excessive amounts of stealth and/or deception tend not to work well in a party comprised of a drunken, fullplate wearing dwarf and a pyromaniac wizard, etc. Not saying that these builds wouldn't work ok in a group, but that they don't reach their fullest potential in a group or tend to pull the spotlight away from the group. Plain and simple, would the build make a better NPC (especially NPC "boss" type) than a PC.

If any of you have any questions about this, or would like more clarification, just ask.
Just so I'm clear on this one, are the "drunken, fullplate wearing dwarf and a pyromaniac wizard" going to be the de facto expectation for the other members of the presumptive party, or do you want us to spell out the other members of the adventuring party, or how do you envision this influencing scoring? I only ask because I know that some builds work poorly with others; a battlefield-control wizard who specializes in divide-and-conquer techniques often works at cross-purposes to a cleave-monkey, while the pyromaniac is a better fit (but is less optimal otherwise), for example.