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    From the last thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoBitWriter View Post
    Well, I'm speaking from a differed perspective. I imagine a little sister would be great if you were a sister yourself.

    I never had a biological brother, only the two younger sisters... and they were nightmares and a half. That is to say, they were three nightmares combines...
    Speaking as a Big Sister and Eldest, they're all annoying. I'm not exactly much of a girl either, so Little Sister's the 'girliest' girl in the house (she has two cute posters and once wore a skirt of her own free will to a non-formal event).
    Little Sisters are shrill and annoying.
    Especially when they're the baby of the family.
    The only people younger than her on the maternal side of the family are great-grandchildren! The oldest of which is . . . eight.
    Baby Sisters get away with everything. And it's the Bigger Sister that gets all the blame.

    At least we don't get into physical altercations more than five or six times a year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thufir View Post
    Blanket statement is hurtful. I wasn't that bad... Well, at least I knew when to stop being annoying...
    You have any Little Siblings?
    If yes, then you know how annoying they always are.
    If no, Little Siblings are always annoying. Sometimes they can be endearingly so, or simply annoying as a catchy song can be annoying.

    From this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Archonic Energy View Post
    Heh, I'll just have one more turn...
    What do you mean it's 4am and I've got work in 3 hrs...
    Just one more turn.
    College Husband is a Civ lover and I know he's been looking forward to Civ V. A lot.
    And he'll have got it maybe a day or two ago. Iust in time to go back to uni. I predict many a sleepless night.
    Not to mention that I got to play Civ IV for a few weeks back in March or so. I lost ten hours to that game in my first sitting.
    In my case it was a "Well, it must be dinner time now, I've probably been playing for a couple of hours." *looks at clock* "Four in the morning?! I have a lecture at nine and I haven't done any reading for tomorrow's class!"
    Fantastic game, but it steals time.

    And a
    for the thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by V'icternus View Post
    Why is it that you now scare me more than the possibility of nuclear war?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bath View Post
    To compare [Curly] to the beauty of the changing seasons or timeless stars would be an understatement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    But Koorly is the sweetest crime.

    Squid bones are lies.