Ahh, New thread.

And, ahh, Civ V. I got it the same day it was released (last Friday), but I still haven't played it especially much (I blame little brother for hogging it, despite it being my game and mine alone. However, I'm not going to shove him away like he does to littlest brother, because I really don't want to sink to his level).

And for you fellow Civ addicts out there, there is still hope.

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What saddens me is that my perennial Civ favorite, Germany, is likely to NOT be my favorite in this game...
Oh? How so?

What saddens me is that it's not as lucid as it used to be, that the automated citizen allocation only seems to focus on food production and nothing else, and that the AI can be plain stupid at times, despite your chosen difficulty.

ION: I've picked up my game of Riven which has been on rest in at least half a year (can't really remember, it's probably more). I've made some progress, but some of these puzzles are hard as hell, and the running around is more time-consuming than Pokémon pre-Fly.