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I don't find the AI particularly dull on the higher difficulties, and the automation will favor food over any other, but you are free to toggle to a different city focus, and the city will adjuster their workers to fit that. Also, manual allocation is still allowed.
Well, I haven't gotten into any war yet in my game (Prince difficulty), and my little brother is only playing on Warlord difficulty, but there, it's happened multiple times that the AI ignores exposed Cannons next to their units in favour of fully functional Riflemen, and I've read that it's the same way in the higher difficulties. Yeah, I really should play a bit more before passing a judgement.

And I know that I can toggle the focus, but I'm pretty averse to using them thanks to Civ IV being a bit too focused when one is picked (practically stopping growth for production, for example), and the standard focus is supposed to be balanced. There is should be a reason to there being a growth focus too, after all

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Also... Germany's ability, Furor Teutonicus, is only useful in the early stage of the game, and then it's debatable. I cleared well over a dozen barbarian encampments, defeating a barbarian unit that was stationed on a camp, and only got 2 units to join me despite the 50% rate... very disappointing.
Well, the special ability might not be the best, but the Landsknecht is really fast to build, and the Panzer is a good late-game unit. Some of the other nations doesn't really have that amazing powers either.

On Christmas comming early, I haven't seen any Christmas decorations yet, but I can bet all I own on the first comming up before the first snowfall here in my town. Now, it would actually be possible to bet on wether there has been any snowfall at all before Christmas itself... and I won't be so stupid as to bet everything I own either. :P